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Kindred sees uptick in harmful gambling revenue

| By Richard Mulligan
Kindred Group saw a slight uptick in revenue share generated from harmful gambling during its third quarter.

Some 3.3% of revenue was accrued from harmful gambling between 18 June and 19 September 2023. This compared to 3.1% in the previous quarter, which was the lowest figure since Kindred in 2018 announced its target of generating zero revenue from harmful gambling by the end of 2023.

Kindred, whose brands include Unibet, was positive about its performance during the quarter. It said a focus on detection and automated interventions was reflected in the positive trajectory of improved behaviour after interventions.

Improved behaviour in this quarter was 86.7%, compared to 86.4% in Q2 and just 82.1% as recently as Q4 2022.

Ongoing interventions

Kindred said automated interventions have been rolled out continuously and enhanced features in the safer gambling toolkit have been implemented. This provides a more comprehensive responsible gambling journey across Kindred’s brands.

“The data for 2023 indicates that while the trend is consistent, more needs to be done,” the group said. “While Kindred continues to work actively to achieve a safer gambling experience for all customers, it also recognises that further steps need to be taken to establish a long-term sustainable industry across all markets.

“A positive trend is seen across detected customers improving their gambling behaviour after an intervention.”

In Q1 2020, harmful gambling generated 3.9% of revenue, with this figure going as high as 4.7% later that year. Improvement effect due to intervention was at 77.3% in Q1 2020 and fell to 64.9% in 2021.

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