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KRAIL agrees new RG memorandum on cooperation

| By Robert Fletcher
The Ukrainian Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries (KRAIL) this week held a round table session on social responsibility in gambling, where attendees signed a new memorandum on cooperation.
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“Social Responsibility in the Field of Gambling” was attended by KRAIL chairman Ivan Rudy, as well as KRAIL members Olena Vodolazhko and Khrystyna Dutka, and representatives of the ministry of health of Ukraine, the ministry of education and science, the ministry of social policy and the state regulatory service of Ukraine.

Other attendees included representatives from the Centre of Responsible Gaming, the public union All-Ukrainian Gambling Council and the KRAIL Advisory and Expert Council.

Participants took part in a discussion on the development of a comprehensive system of measures aimed at preventing gambling addiction in Ukraine, after which all attendees agreed to sign a memorandum on cooperation to work together to strengthen responsible gambling efforts.

“When we join forces and direct in the same direction, only then will there be a great result,” Rudy said. “I really want us to move synchronously and connect our developments together and get an effective comprehensive system of measures aimed at preventing gaming addiction.”

The session came after KRAIL this week also suspended two of the country’s state lotteries – Catch the Moment and Penalty. Reasons for the decision were not disclosed, with the two suspensions officially coming into effect from 3 April.

Catch the Moment was an instant cash lottery, while Penalty was a monetary numerical draw lottery that had been operating in Ukraine from 15 September 2018. Both lotteries stopped accepting bets at 11:59pm on 24 March.

KRAIL last week also voiced support for Ukraine’s entry into the European Union, specifying measures that it would implement to ensure its success.

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