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Norsk Tipping to strengthen loss limit for under-20s

| By Zak Thomas-Akoo
State-owned gaming monopoly Norsk Tipping has announced that under-20s will face additional loss limit restrictions.
Norsk Tipping

From 1 June, consumers under the age of 20 placing bets on Norsk Tipping’s platform will be subject to a loss limit. Players will be permitted a maximum loss of NOK2,000 (£145/€168/$181) per month.

Norsk Tipping already imposes a NOK20,000 per month mandatory loss limit on all customers across all games. The company has now decided to lower it for its younger players. The group characterised this approach as being due to this group’s increased risk of harm.   

Norsk Tipping
norsk tipping is the norwegian state-owned gambling monopoly

The exact implementation of loss limits across Norsk Tipping’s sites has in the past differed to a large extent. The company has previously set different limits for different verticals and different games.

“It is well documented that younger players are more vulnerable to developing gambling problems,” said Norsk Tipping’s director of responsibility and communication Tonje Sagstuen.

“Statistics from both the University of Bergen and the helpline for gambling addicts show that the incidence of gambling problems is higher among younger players than in other age groups.”

In particular, Sagstuen highlighted that younger demographics have a lower ability to control their impulses. “Therefore, they have a higher risk of making bad choices,” she said.

Norsk Tipping to impose loss limits on under-20s

Sagstuen said the operator chose the 20-years-old age limit due to the life situation many in this demographic share. People of this age are typically either studying, in an apprenticeship or have low incomes.

The director said that while she was aware that this discriminatory approach might seem unfair to some consumers, ultimately it made sense.

“Norsk Tipping’s main purpose is to prevent gambling problems,” she said. “In comparison, the alcohol law also differentiates between age groups over and under 20.”

The gaming business said it currently had approximately 30,000 players active on its sites under the age of 20. Of these 2,000 have lost more than the NOK2,000 per month proposed loss limit one or more times over the last year.

In September 2021, Norsk Tipping opted to reduce the monthly loss limit for as its high-risk online games to NOK5,000. The operator had previously set the limit for such games to NOK7,500.

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