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Operators reveal first Swedish RG data after pledge

| By Robert Fletcher
Kindred Group, Svenska Spel and ATG have published their first sets of responsible gambling data for operations in Sweden as part of an effort to increase transparency in the country.
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The operators made a pledge to begin revealing internal activities for responsible gambling in autumn of last year, with the data being sent to Swedish regulator Spelinspektionen every six months.

The data focuses on four key areas: the percentage of players they contact due to risky gambling; the effect of contacting these players; how much these players reduced their problem gambling habits; and what percentage of these contacted players stop gambling. 

For Kindred, the Unibet operator said 0.5% of all active customers in Sweden between 1 July and 31 December 2022 were contacted as a result of suspected and detected problematic gambling.

Of those contacted, 76.8% reduced their gambling and 75.5% cut back on average deposits. Some 1.4% of customers chose to self-exclude from gambling for less than six months, and 0.5% for more than six months.

Turning to Svenska Spel, the operator split its data between its Sports & Casino business and the Tur division including its Vegas operations. 

For Sports & Casino, 4.2% of customers were contacted about their behaviour, with 75.0% of these players having since reduced their gambling and 49% lowered the average deposit. Some 9% self-excluded for less than six months and 3% for longer.

Looking at the Tur division, 0.3% of customers were spoken to about their gambling habits. Of these, 76.0% cut back on gambling and 53.0% reduced their average deposit, while 12.0% took a break from gambling for less than six months to 5.0% for longer than six months.

Finally, ATG said it contacted 1.4% of its active customers about their behaviour, with 52.4% decreasing gambling and 64.9% lowering the average amount they spend. Of those spoken to, 1.5% self-excluded for less than six months and 2.2% for longer than this.

“Our decision, together with ATG and Svenska Spel, to openly publish important customer behaviour data, in addition to our Journey Towards Zero ambition, will make it easier for our stakeholders to follow and understand how we, with the help of regulation, technology, research and human interaction, work to prevent harmful gambling,” Kindred chief executive Henrik Tjärnström said.

“We believe that a more fact-based and open dialogue contributes to a more sustainable industry, and we hope other operators will follow.” 

ATG CEO Hasse Lord Skarplöth said: “We are constantly working to develop our gambling responsibility work. Our knowledge, research and technology are continuously improved.”

“By openly reporting together with Kindred and Svenska Spel how we work with part of our gambling responsibility, we are taking a first step towards increased transparency in the gambling industry.”

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