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Poland relaunches education scheme to combat underage gambling

| By Marese O'Hagan
Poland's Ministry of Finance Krajowa Administracja Skarbowa (KAS) has relaunched an awareness campaign, which aims to educate young people about gambling addiction and illegal gambling.

The ‘Gambling? Don’t Get Involved!’ campaign focuses on the negative effects of the industry, such as addiction, financial problems and social isolation.

It is targeted at those under the legal gambling age of 18, namely children in grade seven (aged between 12 and 13) and eight (those between 13 and 14), as well as parents and teachers.

During the previous two phases of the campaign, close to 110,000 parents and students participated in the programme.

“Educating young people is a very important task, and illegal gambling is a problem not only for us, who are fighting it,” said Magdalena Rzeczkowska, head of KAS.

“It affects addicts, plus their family and friends. With our programme, we want to show the dangers of participating in gambling and warn against them.”

The relaunch has been supported by Poland’s Minister of Education and Science.

Earlier today, a report from the H2 Gambling Capital revealed that Poland’s offshore gambling market share has been cut by the growth of its regulated gaming sector.

However, the report, commissioned by Totalizator Sportowy, also highlighted that the offshore market could be cut further, and regulated revenue increased, by a shift to a gross revenue-based tax and by lifting a ban on the state lottery operator promoting its online casino offering.

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