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Svenska Spel updates and rebrands responsible gaming tool

| By Laura Gumbrell
Sweden’s state-owned gaming operator Svenska Spel has updated its behaviour monitoring solution Playscan – which has been rebranded as Min Spelkoll (“My game check”).

Svenska Spel’s update of the tool to analyse customers’ gaming behaviours and identify risky gaming patterns comes 15 years after Playscan was launched in 2007.

The launch of the newly rebranded Min Spelkoll tool follows the introduction of mandatory player cards earlier this year, with account-based play allowing for a greater range of data being collected.

The operator said it prevents harmful gambling by identifying where limits are exceeded and subsequently forcing a game break and follow-up customer care.

If gambling is associated with any risk, Svenska Spel now examines customer strategies through self-reflection, in the form of question pop-ups interrupting on screen play, such as:

“You’ve been playing for [X] hours this month. Most play [Y] minutes or less. A self-test can be a step towards better game control. Do you want to test?”

Katja Franklin, communications manager, sustainability and gaming responsibility at Svenska Spel, says that the new platform “gives perspective and creates reflection”.

“In the self-test, you can compare your gambling with others – it is a more effective way to contribute to self-reflection than to come up with cues and admonitions,” she said.

This news comes after the operator announced a full-year growth for its 2021 financial year, with revenue up 6.1% from 2020, with the majority of revenue being made online.

The company commented: “We want gaming to be fun for everyone and look forward to continuing to offer entertaining gaming experiences in a responsible way in 2022.”

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