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ICC bans former West Indies cricket star Samuels over corruption

| By Robert Fletcher
The International Cricket Council (ICC) has handed a six-year ban to former West Indies star batsman Marlon Samuels over a series of anti-corruption code breaches.
Samuels ICC cricket corruption

Samuels is banned from taking part in any professional cricket events for the next six years. The ICC-approved ban officially came into effect on 11 November. 

While Samuels is now retired from cricket, the ICC said the offences took place while he was still playing professionally. Samuels’ playing career stretched across two decades and saw him play hundreds of times for the West Indies.  

The ICC charged Samuels in September 2021 for breaching the Emirates Cricket Board (ECB) Anti-Corruption Code. The ECB Code names the ICC as its designated anti-corruption official.

An independent anti-corruption tribunal in August this year found Samuels guilty of four offences.

ICC flags corruption offences

Specific breaches include Article 2.4.2. This relates to the failure to disclose the receipt of any gift, payment, hospitality or other benefit made in circumstances that could bring either the participant or the sport into disrepute.

The ICC also flagged Article 2.4.3, which covers failing to disclose receipt of hospitality with a value over $750 (£599/€687).

Samuels was also deemed to have breached Article 2.4.6 of the code. This related to failing to cooperate with the designated anti-corruption official’s investigation.

In addition, Samuels was found in breach of Article 2.4.7, which refers to obstructing or delaying an investigation by concealing information that may have been relevant.

“Samuels played international cricket for close to two decades, during which he participated in numerous anti-corruption sessions and knew exactly what his obligations were under the anti-corruption codes,” ICC general manager Alex Marshall said.

“Though he is retired now, Samuels was a participant when the offences were committed. The ban of six years will act as a strong deterrent to any participant who intends to break the rules.”

Samuels has history of corruption offences in cricket

The six-year ban casts further shadow over a long and successful cricket career for Samuels. This included 71 Test matches for the West Indies, 204 One-Day Internationals, 67 Twenty20 Internationals and 122 first-class cricket matches.

Samuels featured in the West Indies’ middle order and racked up more than 11,000 runs over the course of his career. Some 5,606 runs came in One-Day Internationals and a further 3,917 in Test matches.

However, Samuels’ career did not come without controversy, with the six-year ban following on from other corruption cases. In May 2008, he was banned for two years after being found guilty of “receiving money, or benefit or other reward that could bring him or the game of cricket into disrepute”.

Samuels retired from professional cricket in November 2020 having played his last match for the West Indies two year earlier.

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