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Varsity Esports Foundation commits to Esports Integrity Commission

| By Robert Fletcher
The Varsity Esports Foundation (VEF) has become the latest organisation to sign up as a member of the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC).
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As a strategic member of ESIC, VEF and the Commission will collaborate to produce educational materials focused on promoting fair play and integrity within the Foundation’s younger audience.

VEF, which offers financial assistance to schools to help provide a pipeline for students to reach their potential through esports, will be able use this material to develop measures to mitigate risks associated with younger players in esports.

This education-focused strategy will also see the VEF and ESIC work together on other initiatives aimed at encouraging high ethical standards in esports gaming.

“Being connected to half a million scholastic gamers around the world and since one of our main initiatives is digital citizenship, we want to make sure gamers start at a young age practicing fair play while educating them about corruption and integrity,” VEF executive director Bubba Gaeddart said.

ESIC’s director of global strategy, Stephen Hanna, added: “With the esports industry rapidly expanding and continuing to attract the interest of young people, it is becoming increasingly vital to develop safeguards and risk management measures to protect the younger demographic.

“The work that the VEF has been doing in ensuring the safety of young gamers is commendable and we look forward to working with them to promote high ethical standards and design educational programs that ultimately build a safer, competitive, and rewarding environment for all players.”

VEF is the third organisation to become a member of the ESIC this month, after esports tournament operator the Uprise Champions Cup and esports media holding company WePlay Esports also joined the Commission.

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