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AI casino set for further innovations

| By iGB Editorial Team
Omnia Casino will introduce new benefits in Q4 as part of continuous development cycle

Omnia Casino founder Sam Hobcraft has outlined how the world’s first casino to be supported entirely by artificial intelligence will introduce further innovations in the final quarter of this year.

Hobcraft told iGamingBusiness.com that the company’s “development cycles are continuous”, with numerous innovations in the pipeline, all underpinned by AI, which is driving personalisation across a number of areas, including game recommendations, compliance and rewards.

“Initially we have focused on using AI to curate a personalised product experience for our customers,” Hobcraft said.

“Currently we recommend games based on demographic profiles and also ‘look-alike’ customers. The AI-based element of our platform is continually learning and improving the content shown to our customers, much like Netflix.

“This will be rolled out across our store as well, to ensure the right promotions and merchandise will always be displayed to the customer.

“The next area we’ll be focusing on is the personalisation of rewards. The AI will look at thousands of different data points to decide with reward we should present to a customer, at the right time. It will be truly personalised in terms of the wagering requirements and the reward that is delivered.

“These will then be automatically triggered to a customer through our CRM system, via a notification, email, SMS or push notification. This will increase the personalisation and improve the customer experience and loyalty.”

Omnia Casino will also build AI chatbots that will allow for 75% of customer support issues to be dealt with without human interaction. “Although chatbots are not yet at an optimal stage in our sector to be delivered to be delivered today, we anticipate this will change soon enough,” Hobcraft added.

The mobile-first casino has deliberately designed its responsible gaming functionality, such as deposit limits, to be transparent and customer-friendly. Later this year, players will begin to be prompted to set a deposit limit as soon as they register.

“Some of the bigger changes will come in Q4, principally focusing on store upgrades, including merchandise, in September. Setting deposit limits on registration is anticipated to be in place by November,” Hobcraft said.

“While we have already delivered a huge amount in the short five months that we have been live, our modular tech stack will allow us to deliver further items to market very quickly.”

Omnia Casino was founded in December 2017 by several gaming executives with track records in launching and running online and mobile casinos. Hobcraft, for example, is a former director of gaming at Betfair and managing director of casino at PokerStars.

“The motivation behind building a compliance-led and 100% AI-driven casino was about mindset and starting as we mean to go on,” Hobcraft said in an earlier release. “AI is constantly evolving, and we use it to make the casino a more fun and personalised experience, with a strong focus on compliance.

“We use AI to go above and beyond standard responsible gambling measures, instantly spotting problem gamblers and triggering further responsible gambling features. This instils a very strong sense of trust and transparency with our customers.

“It is also about competitive advantage. We immediately present players with responsible gaming features, because these players are more loyal.”

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