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NYX enhances relationship with Sky Bet

| By iGB Editorial Team
NYX Gaming Group has extended its partnership with Sky Betting and Gaming (Sky Bet).

NYX Gaming Group has extended its partnership with Sky Betting and Gaming (Sky Bet).

The expanded agreement follows up on the launch of Sky Bet Italia on the OpenBet platform in the final quarter of 2016, with NYX building a full roadmap of activity to support the rollout of features and functionality alongside Sky Bet’s sportsbook team.

NYX has also agreed in principle to integrate its Open Gaming System (OGS) with Sky Bet Italia and Sky Bet UK, granting both brands access to more than 1,000 games.

Sky Bet and NYX will also expand their content development relationship by launching 36 new gaming titles each year.

NYX will work with Core Gaming, the internal game development unit of Sky Bet, with all content to be hosted and distributed by NYX.

In addition, Core will integrate casino content into NYX’s casino offering, which will allow Core to access more than 200 operators and the full-suite of tools and technology through the OGS platform.

Matt Davey, chief executive of NYX Group said: “This partnership is significant to NYX, representing a firm endorsement of the group as a whole, and emphasising the vital role it plays for the industry’s most successful operators around the world.

“It also reaffirms NYX’s commitment to building our partnerships and maximising the relationships across a number of different areas to deliver optimum value to our clients.

“The closer we work with customers to develop our relationships, the better we can tailor our products to deliver improved growth for our respective businesses.”

Richard Flint, chief executive of Sky Bet, added: “NYX Gaming Group, via OpenBet, has been an integral component of our business since day one, the performance and stability of the platform is key to our best-in-class customer experience.

“Enhancing that customer experience is a core focus for Sky Betting and Gaming and the strengthening of the relationship with NYX is another big step towards our objective to build the best casino in the market.”

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