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PartnerMatrix: Changing the game for affiliates worldwide

| By Katrina Holmes | Reading Time: 3 minutes
Vahe Khalatyan, chief executive officer, and Lewis Civin, chief product officer, discuss the rebrand of affiliate analytics tool DeepCI to PartnerMatrix Intelligence and its exciting merge with PartnerMatrix. Known as igaming’s affiliate management powerhouse, this all-in-one solution helps affiliates to track, analyse and manage their data and programmes all in one place.

Khalatyan: “I am Vahe Khalatyan, the chief executive officer of PartnerMatrix. I joined PartnerMatrix ten years ago, and last year I took the CEO position. Now we are merging our software with the PartnerMatrix Intelligence tool.”

Civin: “My name is Lewis Civin, and I’m the founder of DeepCI, which a year ago was acquired by EveryMatrix, and is now being merged into the PartnerMatrix affiliate platform. Every affiliate program requires software to track their affiliate traffic, and this software exists. PartnerMatrix is an excellent provider of such software. But what does not exist in the market is an understanding or an awareness of every single affiliate page in the world, and every brand being promoted on these pages.

Identifying the gap in the market: What challenge is PartnerMartrix solving?

Civin: “We identified the gap being that whilst you’re tracking your actual clicks, what about the clicks you’re not getting? What about the clicks that you were getting but you’re not getting anymore, and what about the clicks that your competitors are getting?”

Khalatyan: “Affiliate operators that start working with affiliates can’t estimate their revenue or their traffic from the affiliate. They just need to rely on affiliate statistics. Affiliates will tell them which pages have converted well and which position has converted well, but they can’t have real estimations.

“We have talked about some gaps in the market so let’s talk about the solutions. The PartnerMatrix and DeepCI merge will allow our operators to estimate their real FTDs and revenues coming from each affiliate website and from each page.

“These numbers will just be estimated numbers, but having PartnerMatrix Intelligence and PartnerMatrix’s affiliate software, having a lot of data and using our AI mechanism, we can have near-to-reality estimations. This will help our operators to make a deal with the affiliates, having exact estimations, of how much they will earn and how they will benefit from co-operating with these affiliates.”

Civin: “PartnerMatrix software tells you very accurately what FTDs you’ve earned and how much traffic has come from your affiliates. But what it does not tell you is why? Why did your FTDs go up?

“We estimate the traffic that every page on every affiliate website gets in the world and, the pages that those brands promote, we estimate the traffic that each brand gets on every page in the world. But it’s only an estimate. We’re missing actual FTD data, and that’s where PartnerMatrix Intelligence comes in.”

Khalatyan: “We provide a benefit for the operators from this merge. They will be able to use only one tool to manage all their business. From affiliate software, they will be able to find the top affiliates in the GEOs. When an affiliate wants to register, they will be able to check the affiliate traffic and affiliate quality directly from the affiliate software. They will be able to see from which sources the traffic comes from, and they can analyse which source is more beneficial for them to use. A lot more features will come as well.

“One more thing to add, as Lewis said, they have intelligence to have estimations, but having PartnerMatrix’s actual financial data means that estimations can become very near to real life.”

Emerging markets: Using PartnerMatrix across the industry

Civin: “As PartnerMatrix Intelligence we index, which means we visit, take a photo of and analyse the pages of every affiliate website in, as of now, over 70 countries. We’re tracking all of Latin America (LatAm), we’re tracking most of Africa, and there are other emerging markets that we track also, such as the Gulf regions, Eastern Europe, and of course, the Northern Europe and the Americas.

“We are giving our operators the ability to look at marketplaces they’re not in without going into a different piece of software. They can stay on one site and view any market that they’re interested in, whether it’s a popular market such as LatAm or somewhere else.”

Khalatyan: “In new markets a lot of affiliates start operating and, using our Intelligence tool, our operators will be able to see the new affiliates coming in the market, to analyse their data and see changes, like if one page starts working better than another one. Therefore, the PartnerMatrix Intelligence tool is very useful for new markets.”

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