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ThrillTech launches jackpot system ThrillPots

| By Marese O'Hagan
ThrillTech, a new igaming tech company founded by former Happyhour.io co-founder Benjamin Bradtke, has launched ThrillPots, its first product.

ThrillTech aims to provide engagement technology for the gaming industry, with the goal of maximising performance. Its new product ThrillPots is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) jackpot server, which caters to operators and games studios.

Bradtke said that the process behind creating ThrillPots took nine months. He added that it involved implementing systems ThrillTech knew its clients would want to avail themselves of.

“We have spent the last nine months working on designing and implementing scalable architecture and systems which will allow our clients to enjoy the full suite of our products through a single integration layer,” said Bradtke.

ThrillPots utilises technology that allows scalability at a low cost. As a SaaS ThrillPots is notably secure as data does not leave the operator’s datacentre.

Features include flexible payout mechanics, segmentation capabilities and tipping point mechanisms.

“We are very excited about the potential ways our partners will use the ThrillPots technology, be it to serve affiliate jackpots, happy hour jackpots, VIP jackpots, sporting event jackpots and so on,” continued Bradtke. “The possibilities are endless.

“ThrillPots is just the start of our product vision and strategy to deliver engaging and performance enhancing solutions to our partners at a feature and value level that will be hard to beat.”

ThrillPots will go live with clients in the upcoming weeks. It is currently being integrated with several early-adopters.

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