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Sporttrade taps Nasdaq for trading integrity tech

| By Richard Mulligan
Betting exchange Sporttrade is to utilise Nasdaq technology to identify irregularities and unusual behavior on its soon-to-be-launched sports betting and trading platform.

The operator said it has partnered with the Nasdaq to ensure integrity on its native trading app when it debuts in New Jersey towards the end of 2021. Sporttrade’s open trading marketplace will allow participants to trade sporting events the same way they trade stocks, with the ability to trade in and out of bets at any time.

Sporttrade said that by utilising Nasdaq’s SaaS-deployed market surveillance technology it will be able to monitor trading patterns and protect its user base by identifying irregularities and unusual trading behavior. Through interactive visualisation, complex data can be distilled into a single snapshot and provide a full view of the order book, enabling Sporttrade to transparently and continuously collaborate with regulators.

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