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Symplify announces OpenAI API integration

| By Zak Thomas-Akoo
Stockholm-based CRM business Symplify has announced that it has integrated OpenAI – the business behind large language model ChatGPT – into its client content creation hub.

The new service will allow the company’s clients to create custom auto-generated content and images across its marketing channels. The company says that it hopes to reduce content production times by up to 60% through the engagement of the AI tools.

Symplify CEO Robert Kimber said that the integration of the API will help to futureproof its clients’ businesses.

He added that the business was strengthening that commitment through “optimising the content development” and that Symplify are “helping grow our customers’ CRM strategies at scale, while offering multi communication channel coverage”.

The integration will allow users to create content through natural language prompts within the Symplify Editor, creating automated text and images based on the users input.

Symplify chief marketing officer Paul Crisp added that the software will help reduce the workload of those who use the system.

“When ChatGPT launched, we found it to be an incredibly diverting piece of software,” he said. “We then got to thinking whether we can have this as a plug-in into our actual tool.

“We know, to a lesser or greater extent by the beta testing, that this is cutting down the workflow pretty immensely for the teams that put it together,” he said. “For us, it’s really exciting to be able to shorten that time to market.”

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