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Unibet integrates Gamban into self-exclusion process

| By iGB Editorial Team
Unibet has expanded its partnership with Gamban to develop a site-blocking software solution that can be integrated into its self-exclusion process in the UK. The move would represent the first of its kind in the regulated UK market, Kindred Group claims.

Kindred Group's Unibet has expanded its existing partnership with Gamban to integrate its site-blocking software into its self-exclusion process in the UK.

The move will mean that players who opt to self-exclude on the Unibet will be able to block access to all gaming sites for a period between six months and five years.

Kindred claims that Unibet has become the first operator to offer Gamban for a period that mirrors the self-exclusion options it offers. Elsewhere, Gamban can only be used to block access to gaming sites for 12 month periods.

The blocking service will be made available to customers free of charge.

“We are strong advocates for education around responsible gambling and ensuring all of our customers are able to make an informed choice,” Kindred general manager Neil Banbury explained.

“All of our customers should have the tools and support they need to enjoy our products responsibly and by offering this service for free to all of our customers we are certainly taking a step in the right direction.”

Gamban’s blocking software can be downloaded across multiple devices to block access to over 30,000 online gaming websites, covering both regulated operators and unregulated sites.

“Self-exclusion must evolve to protect at-risk individuals from different angles – device, ID and spend,” Gamban chief executive Jack Symons said.

“Unibet and its parent company Kindred, recognise the value in mirroring the duration of blocking software to the amount of time the player selects for self-exclusion, from six months up to five years.”

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