Maximising your social casino offering to keep customers engaged

| By Aaron Noy
In this webinar we discuss social casino's place in the market right now and how it can be an important extension to a general casino offering. Join us on Thursday 4th June 2020 to find out more. 

Social casino lived through its hype a few years ago and has now been implemented by a number of land-based casinos as a way to deliver extra revenue digitally and to keep players engaged when they’re not on the property.

With the vast majority US properties currently closed to patrons, digital offerings like social casino’s have become more important as an extension of the casino brand and as a possible revenue generator.

This session will discuss:

  • With casino closures and lockdowns in the USA and around the world, how can you leverage your digital assets to continue engaging your patrons?
  • Understanding how social casino works – can you quickly effect a roll out or further develop this asset?
  • Engaging the skills of your existing workforce to maximise the opportunity from this digital offering
  • Leveraging the digital engagement built up for further deployment onsite

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