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Brazil: The long road to legal betting  

August 9th 2023 @ 15:00 - August 9th 2023 @ 16:00

Sports betting operators are waiting patiently for progress in Brazil, over four years after the government kicked off a process to legalise the vertical. There’s been delays, setbacks and uncertainty, but now there’s hope.  

President Lula is moving forward with a series of Provisional Measures to finally break the deadlock and bring legal betting to Brazil.  

The industry is ready and waiting but what needs to happen before the first legal bets are placed? And while football is king, what other sports do Brazilian bettors enjoy?  

iGB and Sportingtech have partnered up for the ultimate primer on the Brazilian market, taking listeners through a long and complex history to the present day, and outlining the last few steps before betting begins. You’ll also get exclusive insights on just how to build out a sportsbook for the Brazilian customer, ensuring you’re not caught standing still when the government blows for kick off.  

This webinar was hosted in Portuguese, with the on-demand video containing English subtitles.