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Frictionless onboarding: Giving players the winning experience

July 4th 2023 @ 15:00 - July 4th 2023 @ 16:00

Research shows us that small and medium operators have a sign up and onboarding success rate of just 83% compared to 92% for larger operators. Match these stats with Jumio’s findings that 30% of players are initially rejected at verification level because there’s no exact match or data on file for a player, and you start to see the bigger operator challenge.

There’s a reason why player drop off rates at the sign up stage are increasingly high – they can be messy, time-consuming and confusing for the end user. It’s no surprise, therefore, that operators are trying to find solutions that offer frictionless onboarding that retains players all the way through the sign up process and beyond.

So how do you create a seamless onboarding process that satisfies both the players and the KYC needs of the operators?

This webinar in partnership with industry-leading payments and verification supplier Jumio, will lead an expert panel discussion on how operators can strike the perfect balance:

In the click of a button: How can you onboard a player in seconds without overhauling your platform.