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Get ahead of the game: Preparing for the post-white paper era of gambling regulation

May 31st 2023 @ 15:00 - May 31st 2023 @ 16:00

More than two years of delays and setbacks, the Gambling Act white paper was finally released on 27 April 2023. With an emphasis on new affordability checks, stake limits on slots and enhanced controls for 18-25 year old’s coming into play, there’s plenty for the industry to get its head around. 

As the government begins a series of consultations to turn policy into practical measures, we ask: what are the potential curveballs that could stand in the way of success, and how could this affect player retention rates and revenue? 

GB licensees had years to up their game on safer gambling, but have they done enough to price in the revenue hit from new regulations? And do tighter controls run the risk of losing players to the black market, or were these warnings overblown? 

This webinar, in partnership with the Department of Trust, unpicked the industry’s biggest white paper questions and what operators can do in the here and now to really make a difference:

  • Deeds not words: How operators can plan, budget and manage regulatory change in Great Britain
  • Financial vulnerability: what is it, and what are operators expected to know about their customers to assess this new concept?
  • Financial checks: what are the new checks required and what is “frictionless”?
  • Make your voice heard: how operators can engage with the consultation processes in a positive and effective way
  • Gambling marketing in a post-white paper world: Why attracting long-term customers shouldn’t require a bonus

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