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Increasing ROI and player engagement in online casinos through real-time personalisation and gamification

November 21st 2018 @ 15:11

There has been a lot of talk in the gaming industry in recent years about improving online engagement, but it is not clear to gaming industry professionals exactly how, and furthermore why, they should be making the efforts to do this, and the actual live examples of real-time personalisation and gamification are still few and far between. With the player-first approach requiring a significant cultural shift for gaming organisations, the data necessary to make the most of this usually held by multiple parties, and the divide between platform suppliers and operators proving a challenge in unifying the bigger picture, there are still real challenges to surmount.

But it need not be like this. In this webinar, deltaDNA will show how personalisation and gamification are now being embraced by the more innovative gaming companies to enhance customer loyalty and address problem gambling proactively. By referencing real use cases, this webinar will show how to navigate the challenges to drive increased ROI and best-practice player engagement.

The webinar took place on Wednesday 21st November at 16.00 GMT.

Q&A with Mark Robinson

1)  If I were to pitch DeltaDNA tools to my organisations’ board in a real-money scenario, what would be the best way of doing so?

To be a modern business you need to engage with players in session.  Email is too late.  Therefore, make sure your players feel like they are on the end of an intelligent relationship, realtime messaging is the only way.  DeltaDNA supports you to build engaging environments and individually personalise experience through analytics and segmentation of players.

2) How does someone show the value of the tools, especially when considering the cost of integration to pre-existing (legacy) systems?

Our use cases show that player engagement is increased by 20% and adds $40 to player LTVs.  This has a strong positive ROI in year one and is a great differentiator for your brand.

3)  What kind of activities best utilise gamification, and what do operators need to do to ensure success?

The first task is to look at your online environment with fresh eyes and decide if it is really clear, intuitive and attractive.  Once you have decided that it is not, then we work through stages to implement gamification mechanics.  The priority is first session engagement – making sure players have a great first session and have compelling reasons to return.

4) Since GDPR, and with half of new customers not ticking the consent box, is real time messaging the only way to address churn?

The beauty about in-session messaging is that the players are anonymous to us.  In any case in-session messaging get the highest response of all channels done well.

5)  Once you’ve created a profile of a player, how do you then market to them if not via email? What channels would you use?

In-session messaging gets the highest response of all marketing channels, if done well, so should be the first port-of-call.