Seamless customer onboarding whilst accounting for individualisation in Responsible Gambling

January 19th 2021 @ 15:00 - January 19th 2021 @ 16:00

Following an engaging discussion on uniform vs. individualised approaches to responsible gambling during last November’s Consumer Protection Zone Digital Event, in this webinar we will delve deeper into the practicalities RG. The webinar will look at:

  • Identifying friction points in the RG customer on-boarding journey – how can these be removed/minimised?
  • The evolving regulatory requirements shaping the compliance of customer onboarding (in the UK and beyond)
  • Improving retention rates with non-intrusive checks for affordability and other verification requirements
  • Highlighting riskier players for a friction-right approach, while offering a seamless experience to the rest of your customer pool

This webinar is sponsored by Transunion