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In the heat of the summer of sport: Strategies for increasing your sportsbook margins

July 1st 2024 @ 09:00 - July 1st 2024 @ 10:00

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The summer of sports is at its peak, and for operators this poses a lucrative opportunity. Euro 2024™ is on its way to achieving a similar increase in betting activity to the 13% boost in wagers during the FIFA World Cup™ in 2022. 

But attracting new players to place bets on the likes of Wimbledon™, Euro 2024™, Copa América™, and the Olympics™ is not the primary challenge. Retaining this surge in activity beyond the closing ceremony is the real prize ticket whilst simultaneously driving down sky-high acquisition costs, tackling increased fraud risk and keeping deposits as seamless as possible. 

Join iGB in partnership to learn how to stand out in the craze of the summer of sport and increase your margins to stable two digits: 

  • Offering players what they want when they want it: Bet builders during peak tournaments 
  • Pushing personalisation to its peak: Giving players the VIP experience at every touchpoint 
  • Managing risk: Understanding the risk associated with an influx of activity 
  • Cross selling for successful retention: How you can cross-sell sportsbook with casino 
  • Gearing up on engagement tools: How leaderboards, badges, tournaments, and other gamified features can take you to the next level 
  • Seizing the rare opportunity to attract new players during huge events: Sports championships and competitions such as Euro 2024™, the FIFA World Cup™, and the Olympics™ provide a unique chance to attract new or otherwise casual players and retain them long-term