Tomorrow’s tech: iGB Futures Survey under the spotlight

February 11th 2021 @ 15:00 - February 11th 2021 @ 16:00
Futures Survey webinar

The annual Futures Survey gives the industry the opportunity to highlight the technology they believe can transform the sector. Informed by its results, in this webinar a panel of industry investors and technologists will suggest practical uses for these innovations, while discussing what may be overhyped.

Questions covered by the panel will include:

  • What technology can disrupt the industry in the short term?
  • How quickly is the industry adopting new software and solutions?
  • Is technology innovation a key factor in securing investment?
  • What will the industry of tomorrow look like?

Moderator: Chad Stender, SeventySix Capital


Lauren Seiler, Four Wood Capital

Julian Buhagiar, RB Capital

Marcel Tobler, Grand Casino Baden