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US Sports Betting – Driving audience engagement

March 1st 2019 @ 14:59

US Sports Betting – Driving audience engagement in sports through bettor integrated content creation across traditional and digital viewing platforms

With traditional TV audiences’ interests becoming increasingly diversified thanks to the ever-growing competition of esports, social networks and streaming services, the legalisations of sports betting have given hope to the future of sports viewership. To fully take advantage of this opportunity, sports broadcasters will need to innovate by providing cutting edge content through traditional television and digital media channels to captivate an audience that is becoming notoriously difficult to engage.

This webinar explores some of the ways in which the sports media business is seizing this opportunity through betting-focused broadcasts and streams, live data overlays and sports gambling programmes and the role that mobile betting has to play in making this opportunity a true success.

This webinar took place at 4pm GMT on Thursday 7th March 2019.


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