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How igaming’s commercial success is hindered by data performance

February 24th 2020 @ 11:14
With the igaming industry enjoying huge growth, just how can you make good on the promise of increased prosperity? Most disruptive industries rely on high-performance data to power their operations, feed innovation and push the customer experience. As igaming moves increasingly online and into the cloud, how well is your industry being served by data – will it make or break your fortune? 

It’s a question research house Survata and Pure Storage asked business and IT leaders earlier this year. In this webinar, we will discuss the secret commercial challenges your peers are facing due to inadequate and legacy storage.

Josephine Watson, commercial content editor at iGaming Business, Patrick Smith EMEA field CTO, and Anthony Liston, igaming sector lead at Pure Storage discuss the Survata research and how igaming leaders take a different approach to storing data. 

You will learn:

  • Why data storage is responsible for so many firms losing up to £85K in monthly revenue
  • Why others suffer over £125K a month on storing cold data,
  • The impact of implementing an ineffective regulatory check system on customer experience  


Patrick Smith, EMEA field CTO, Pure Storage
Anthony Liston, igaming sector lead, Pure Storage

This webinar is sponsored by Pure Storage