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The COVID Effect – inside the mind of the 2020 punter

July 28th 2020 @ 15:00 - July 28th 2020 @ 16:00

Gaming operators have faced massive challenges over the first half of 2020 – for many, it’s simply been a question of survival. But as lockdown restrictions ease and professional sport resumes once again, operators can begin to turn their attention towards the future.

During this webinar presentation, Trulioo will explore how operators can best recover from the impact of COVID-19, how they can accelerate their return to growth, and how they can take advantage of the new opportunities which will undoubtedly emerge in what is a very different world.

Earlier this year, Trulioo undertook comprehensive consumer research in the UK and the U.S. exploring gamers’ attitudes to digital account creation and identity verification.

In this session, Trulioo will present the findings of the research and explain how these insights into the 2020 punter can enable operators to drive optimal customer experience, particularly at the outset of any relationship when people are opening a new account.

Punters expect fast, seamless and secure account creation, and the business risks for those gaming operators that get it wrong are very high, particularly in such an uncertain and challenging market.

Without a doubt, the desire for optimised account opening will only have heightened over the past few months during the coronavirus lockdown. People feel less secure and more concerned about the threats around them. And they have become more discerning and sophisticated in their use of digital services in a ‘digital-only’ economy – they know what good looks like and they don’t accept anything less.

Trulioo will also present a case study highlighting how a global gaming operator is ensuring they are able to meet their compliance obligations and protect customers, while delivering a first-class, account creation experience.


  1. How COVID-19 has raised the stakes when it comes to delivering fast and secure account creation
  2. Understanding the new landscape for fraud and identity theft in an increasingly digital-led economy, where vulnerable groups are exposed to greater risks online
  3. The key considerations for operators to ensure new customers receive a world-class account opening experience
  4. How the optimal combination of speed and security within account creation can build customer trust and loyalty of their customers.
  5. Why robust, real-time identity verification makes sound business sense

This webinar is sponsored by Trulioo

Trulioo is a global identity verification company providing instant real time online identity and business verification coverage for more than 5 billion people and 330 million companies worldwide.

The company has recently commissioned a survey to understand how first impressions count in online gaming. For 77% of online gamers, the account opening process can ‘make or break’ their future relationship with a brand. Punters expect operators to deliver both speed and security, particularly during the current crisis, and they expect real-time identity verification during the account creation process.