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Revolutionising crash games: Introducing JetX by SmartSoft Gaming

| By Alice Soule | Reading Time: 5 minutes
Recognising the popularity of crash games with the younger generation of players, the pioneering crash game JetX, created in 2018 by Smartsoft Gaming, keeps setting trends worldwide with its growing audience and well-deserved awards. Smartsoft Gaming's chief executive officer, Guga Gotsadze, explains how JetX became a big thing in the genre.
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“Back in 2018, the idea of crash games gaining immense popularity seemed unbelievable. However, despite the challenges we ventured into uncharted territory and crafted a game that not only pioneered the genre of crash games but also garnered incredible popularity, maintaining a growing audience to this day. JetX emerged as a trendsetter in the industry, defying expectations and becoming wildly popular in over 70 countries.

JetX’s journey didn’t stop there. In addition to its global popularity and huge fan base, recently, among other recognitions, it also received the prestigious award for “The Best Crash Game of 2024” at SIGMA Africa Awards.

Since its debut in 2018, crash games have surged in popularity, surpassing traditional gaming choices. SmartSoft Gaming leads the charge in this arena, developing innovative solutions like JetX. JetX blends skill, strategy, and luck, offering boundless excitement and top-notch quality. Gotsadze targets mobile and video gaming enthusiasts, aiming to enter markets with a robust gaming culture, initially prioritizing regions craving dynamic content.

JetX: The evolution of the standard crash game format

Crash games operate on a simple yet exciting premise. Players place a bet and watch as a multiplier climbs rapidly, representing the potential winnings. However, players must cash out before the multiplier crashes. The longer they wait, the higher the multiplier, but with the risk of losing it all if they don’t cash out in time.

The mechanics of crash games create an element of suspense, and the thrill lies in the timing – finding that sweet spot between maximising potential winnings and avoiding the crash. This simplicity, combined with the rapid pace, appeals to players seeking quick and engaging experiences.

Guga Gotsadze believes SmartSoft Gaming has created a concept through JetX that evolves this standard format of crash games. “As we continue to evolve and update the best-selling games, we are also dedicated to delivering new titles that incorporate both traditional and experimental features.”

“This dynamic approach not only caters to the preferences of our existing player base but also introduces fresh and engaging elements to attract a broader audience.”

The ceo of Smartsoft thinks that the key to JetX’s success besides being the first in the genre lies in its innovative features, designed to provide an unparalleled gaming experience. For players, one of the standout elements is the game’s simple rules, making it easy to understand the mechanics of winning and losing through its intuitive user interface (UI) design. It also provides players the opportunity to play the same round concurrently.

Developing a successful crash game with SmartSoft Gaming

“Whether it’s advanced graphics, innovative gameplay features, or state-of-the-art support systems, we prioritise staying at the forefront of technological advancements.”

At SmartSoft Gaming, the initial development of each of its games is strategically thought out and backed by market research and player data. For Gotsadze, this is a pivotal point of the game’s development.

“The essence of our approach lies in several key pre-stages, such as market research, idea generation, mathematical feasibility, and business perspectives. These initial steps are crucial, setting the groundwork for subsequent phases in the development process”, Gotsadze explains.

Though its games normally follow a standardised development process, games like JetX that have new and unique features, can alter this.

As Gotsadze says, “While our commitment to a standardised development process remains unwavering, we acknowledge that each game possesses its own unique challenges and demands. Some games seamlessly progress through pre-stages, leveraging established industry knowledge, while others demand meticulous attention to detail and the creation of entirely new paradigms.”

“We embarked on the familiar journey of pre-stages, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics, brainstorming innovative ideas, determining mathematical feasibility, and evaluating the potential business perspectives.

“These critical steps served as the guiding principles for the subsequent phases, encompassing art/design/animation work, back-end/front-end development, and rigorous QA testing.”

Measuring success and thinking for the future

For SmartSoft Gaming, the success of JetX will be measured through a combination of key performance indicators (KPIs) and user engagement metrics. For games like this, tracking the user retention rate and engagement timeline is paramount if the team is to produce other games of a similar format. As Gotsadze highlights, “Since its creation in 2018, we continually assess player satisfaction through feedback mechanisms and monitoring the growth.”

Behind-the-scenes: Mathematical clarity and player fairness

With player satisfaction high, Gotsadze believes that behind-the-scenes, the mathematical model of JetX is the cornerstone of its success. Emphasising that the basis of the game was carefully calibrated to provide an optimal balance of excitement and longevity, the game allows players to experience the thrill of winning in short bursts while ensuring extended and engaging gaming sessions. 

Future innovations and new player experiences

With a huge success of the first crash game, SmartSoft Gaming is ready to continue with this innovative lead in the industry. 

“At SmartSoft Gaming, we are committed to continuous innovation and strive to enhance the user experience with every passing day. While I cannot disclose specific details at this moment, I can assure you that we are closely monitoring market trends and player feedback.”

“We understand that staying ahead is not just about creating games but about creating experiences that resonate with players. Our latest releases, including FootballX, Balloon, CricketX, Helicopter X, Crash Duel X, Mine’s Island, Hunter X, Tower X, Joker’s 4 Bonuses, and others, are a testament to our commitment to making a significant impact on the new wave of casino games.

Crash games are still evolving, and for the team at SmartSoft Gaming, staying ahead of the latest innovations is paramount to their strategy.

Staying ahead of the iGaming curve 

“While we recognise that good gaming ideas can come from anywhere, we firmly believe that success lies in our ability to bring key factors together, ensuring a game is 100% ready for introduction to a new audience.”

In the quest for the next big thing in crash games, JetX clearly emerges as a strong contender. With its ability to address the challenges posed by changing player demographics and preferences, these games open doors to untapped potential. 

“Looking ahead, we envision next-generation crash games that go beyond the current boundaries, providing players with even more immersive and thrilling experiences. One avenue for future development is the incorporation of innovative features that heighten player engagement.

“Whether through advanced graphics, interactive gameplay elements, or dynamic storytelling, we aim to create games that keep players on the edge of their seats.”. As the industry continues to evolve, embracing the allure of new features in crash games could be the key to captivating a broader audience and retaining that all important new generation.

As Gotsadze says, “The future of immersive crash games holds tremendous potential for growth and innovation. We anticipate pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, delivering experiences that not only meet but exceed player expectations.

“We encourage our players to stay tuned for exciting announcements, as we are continuously working on future developments that will captivate and delight our gaming community. Your continued support is invaluable, and we are excited about the journey ahead in redefining the gaming landscape.”

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