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Preparing for battle: Play’n GO launches Legion Gold Unleashed

| By iGB Editorial Team | Reading Time: 5 minutes
Leading games developer Play’n GO reunites with the Roman army to present Legion Gold Unleashed. Following the overwhelmingly positive response from fans for the first instalment Legion Gold, the chart-topper has been working on a thrilling new sequel. With so much to live up to, what can players expect from this journey back to ancient Rome? Erik Hellstrom, game retention leader at Play’n GO, explains the importance of storytelling in the success of Play’n GO’s latest sequel.

Play’n Go has consistently proven itself as a leading slots developer, continuously pushing the boundaries of creativity and gaming innovation. Its latest offering, Legion Gold Unleashed, is a testament to its commitment to captivating storytelling and immersive gameplay experiences.

Thematically, Play’n GO knows exactly what its players enjoy and with Legion Gold Unleashed, is continuing its popular thread of historical themed slots titles. But with such an impactful prequel, and more slots released than ever before, this latest instalment will need to pull out all the stops.

Taking a journey through ancient Rome

For Play’n GO this leading status is born out of the team’s ability to weave a journey of storytelling into each new title. A fundamental principle that Legion Gold Unleashed leads with, transporting players to the ancient battlefield with Roman soldiers seeking glory and riches.

Hellstrom explains why this is at the core of everything Play’n GO does, “We’re always aiming to take players on an exciting and thrilling journey, and engaging stories and characters are the best vehicle with which to do this.”

In this latest sequel, the story begins to unfold as players spin the reels, gather symbols, and unlock unique features rounds in a bid to lead the army to victory on the battlefield. From the dramatic background music to the detailed graphics, every aspect of Legion Gold Unleashed is crafted to create a truly immersive gaming experience.

It is this ability to create an engaging, adrenaline pumping atmosphere that has grabbed the attention of reviewers. Ensuring Play’n GO’s ability to tell a story remains second to none.  

“Players love Play’n GO IPs (intellectual property), and our games team put a big emphasis on storytelling. Looking at Legion Gold Unleashed, the Legionnaires in this game are preparing for a battle. A battle that’s played out during the free spins in a setting that’s different to the first game, but with characters that players will recognise.”

“We think players will find the new scenery engaging, while staying true to the base game that proved so popular.”

Balancing familiarity and engaging new features

Pinning the storyline together, Legion Gold Unleashed boasts a plethora of standout features, such as the Legionnaire wilds which expand to cover entire reels, increasing the chances of landing a winning combination.

Many aspects of the game, such as features and bonus rounds, will be familiar to fans of the 2023 prequel Legion Gold.

As Hellstrom says, “We’ve tried to remain as true to the original game as possible, as players have shown us that this is what they want in all of our IP sequels.”

Though there are similarities, Legion Gold Unleashed really comes into its own with a Gold Re-Spins bonus round.   

“The Gold Re-Spins feature allows players to earn up to a 1000x multiplier should they fill all the reels. Meanwhile, landing three or more scatter symbols unlocks the Mega Free Spins feature, which drops a massive 3×3 symbol in the middle of the reel, giving players the chance of huge wins.”

The Mega Free Spins are a surefire way to aid the hunt for gold. To utilise, players must have three or more scatter symbols on the reels. Once activated, a massive 3×3 Mega Symbol will appear, spinning simultaneously with the other reels. 

The symbol moves across the reels before settling, and upping win potential. The Gold Re-Spins can trigger during Mega Free Spins if the Mega Symbol lands as a Gold Coin. Gold Coins landing with the Gold Bag pay out all instant win prizes at once during the standard game mode, as well as the Mega Free Spins.

The Gold Bag feature

The Gold Bag feature is one of the main attractions in this game, giving players the chance to win big when secured.

This unique feature can appear in the base game or during the Gold Re-Spins. It provides an instant payout equivalent to the total value of the Gold Coins available to players when it lands, upping potential tenfold. Filling all the reels with Gold Coins can result in a shining x1000 multiplier.

Slot review site SlotCatalog believes this to be a standout feature, “The Gold Bag feature is quite an advancement for a bonus round that has a huge potential even without it. I also like the new setting and war-cry of the wilds.

Building on a winning formula to create successful sequels

Play’n GO’s Legion Gold Unleashed is part of a successful lineage of slot titles. The developer has a proven track record of creating compelling sequels that build upon the success of their predecessors.

“We do take a lot of pride in our various game series, as our focus is on entertainment and engagement,” says Hellstrom.

“We want players to enjoy our content, so we’re proud to have the best player retention rates in the industry. When we find huge success in one of our games, we begin to think about how to build a new adventure within that story to see where we can take it next, while hopefully retaining the original players’ enjoyment.

“This is the mindset we set out with when we created the Legion Gold series, and we aim to continue the story with more additions.”

“Sequels aren’t straightforward!”

That being said, Hellstrom believes that building successful sequels isn’t as easy as people may think. “Like in the movies, sequels aren’t straightforward! When we’re expanding on a games story by doing sequels, it can be tricky to balance allowing for a new experience, while not steering too far away from the original game which players loved.

“There’s a lot of feedback and consideration that’s taken into account to find that balance. We try to avoid sequels that have nothing to do with the original game, as players have an expectation that you honour the roots of the original.”

With the design team listening to and acting on this regular feedback, it’s no wonder that the games developer wins time and time again.

A gladiator challenge: The creative process behind chart toppers

Behind every successful slot game lies a team of dedicated designers, developers, and storytellers working tirelessly to bring the vision to life. Play’n GO’s creative process is a collaborative effort, where ideas are brainstormed, refined, and implemented with precision and care.

From concept art and character design to programming and testing, every step of the development process is executed with close attention to detail.

“The artwork gets progressively darker and more intense in the free spins round, providing an increasingly tense atmosphere. Players are hooked by the game’s soundtrack, and dramatic graphics as they progress deeper into the games bonus rounds.

“We’re also very proud of the game’s soundtrack, which we feel is one of the best we’ve produced.”

New releases on the horizon

Hinting at future potential developments to Legion Gold Unleashed, Hellstrom added, “We focus on what players want – engaging stories, fun mechanics, memorable characters, and exciting soundtracks. This brings players back time and time again, creating a community of Play’n GO fans who eagerly await our content.

“We hope to introduce further editions in the future, so watch this space!”

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