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Tomb of gold: Uncovering the secrets of Ancient Egypt with Play’n GO

| By Katrina Holmes | Reading Time: 4 minutes
With a reputation for releasing top-quality games that deliver for audiences across the globe time and time again, Play’n GO has delivered once more with its latest discovery-driven classic Tomb of Gold. With market saturation one of the biggest challenges for games developers, how does Play’n GO continue to release games that hits the sweet spot with players? Erik Hellstrom, game retention leader, believes the differentiator is Play’n GO’s unwavering passion for providing the entertainment value for players.

“Storytelling is something we take great pride in here at Play’n GO – all of our games have a carefully crafted story, designed to entertain players.”

As one of the industry’s go-to game developers, Play’n GO is known for being masters of its art – crafting unique stories to bring slot games to life. From the alien-world of Gargantoonz to the ancient adventures of Legion Gold, players buy into the innovative storytelling and detailed characterisation above all else, keeping them engaged and retained far beyond the first play.

For Hellstrom, this has been replicated in Play’n GO’s latest slot release, Tomb of Gold.

“We feel that a well-crafted story allows for a complete journey, built not only around game mechanics, but also an entertaining story that builds to an eventual crescendo, all of which ties into the overall theme of the game.

“Specifically for Tomb of Gold, I think we’ve managed to combine the two very well with, for example with how the tomb opens up during the free spins feature.”

Retaining players vs. attracting new: Slot games that deliver

“We want to appeal to all players, existing and potentially new players. This is important for a game like Tomb of Gold, which shows players something new that they may not have experienced before.”

With a flurry of slot games released on a monthly basis, how does Play’n GO’s slots continue to find their way through the noise? For this leading game developer, the focus is less on the competition and more on delivering on player demand.

Its aim for each new release is not only to attract new players, instead it’s equally important to retain fans of other titles in its portfolio. Focusing on this during the developmental process of Tomb of Gold has helped the team to understand player feedback and the key elements that should be adapted to bring more enhanced, exciting gameplay to this latest slot.

“This time we adapted it into a new player experience throughout the player journey. That is something we’re constantly looking at and with the amount of releases we have coming out, we’re able to cater to a vast player base by creating innovative titles as well as expanding on our existing series.

“Good content makes the difficult challenge of retaining players that little bit easier, and we firmly believe that we create the best content in the industry.”

For fans of Play’n GO’s popular Book of Dead slot games, Tomb of Gold should be next on the “to play” list. Players will go back 5,000 years to adventure beneath the dunes of Ancient Egypt on a quest to uncover its hidden treasures. With Egypt’s famous royal tombs hidden to this day, players will need to be brave enough to face some of the toughest legends, but do they have what it takes to make it to the end?

They will have exciting new features and innovative in-game mechanics to help them on their way – something that has gotten rave reviews across the industry.

Popular review site BonusTime said – “Tomb of Gold packs a punch with its unique and engaging features, designed to enhance gameplay and boost winning potential. From special symbols to free spins, each element adds a layer of excitement, making every spin a thrilling adventure.”

And SlotsCatalog agreed, highlighting its “premium quality mechanics” – “The Tomb of Gold slot is another great game in Play’n GO’s collection inspired by Ancient Egypt and its treasures. The magnificent setting and premium-quality mechanics suggest another bestseller on the horizon.”

Going for gold: Features that drive engagement

It’s no surprise why Tomb of Gold has review sites and players raving in unison. From the Lock & Gold feature that helps to build the suspense level for players on their quest to the free spins feature, Tomb of Gold has gone a step further than its rival slot games on the market to deliver on the engagement-factor.

Hellstrom explains, “The Lock & Gold-feature is quite unique in and of itself, especially when it comes to the way we’re hiding the value of the coins until the last spin, which really builds suspense. The fact that players are also able to get a second-chance spin when only getting 4 or 5 out of the 6 coins needed to trigger the feature is also something that adds excitement to the feature.

“The free spins feature is also super exciting, allowing players to build up an increasing multiplier, as well as earning more spins along the journey to allow for a longer and more engaging session.

“The game also features the Wheel that indicates the starting number of free spins and the multiplier you’re starting out with; it was of really importance to get this feature right for this game.”

Behind-the-scenes: Making the right decisions at the right time

Creating the perfect game to bring to market is just one part of a game developer’s strategy, but what happens when it’s ready to be released into the world? For Hellstrom, it’s the ‘buzz’ that gets players excited and can generate big success.

“We want to create a buzz around the game as something new and unique, but it definitely helps to have a strong theme to bounce off. This game was created as part of a collaborative effort between our own experienced team of people, but also with our partners. We want to be vocal about the fact that we took this feedback on board and delivered this exceptional game.”

Luckily for Play’n GO, the buzz has continued far beyond Tomb of Gold’s initial release with strong feedback and huge player numbers.

“The feedback has honestly been incredible so far. Being a part of the creation and promotion of this game has been extremely exciting. While we’re always hopeful about every game we release, we don’t ever take success for granted, and we’re just really pleased that players have shown such a liking for this game.”

Giving fans what they want: Play’n GO’s 2024

For fans of Play’n GO’s game portfolio, there seems to be good news on the horizon for the rest of the year, with Hellstrom keeping us on our toes on new releases.

“We’re definitely not slowing down or sitting back, that’s for sure! We have a lot of upcoming games that we hope can compete with Tomb of Gold and its early success.

“We’ll continue to push the boundaries when it comes to innovation, as well as introducing a couple of new additions to some of our most beloved series. The game that has my attention though is coming in August, but my lips are sealed for now when it comes to that game. Watch this space!”

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