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World-class games in the making: An insight into Quixant’s next generation, game-changing solutions 

| By Thomas Caldon | Reading Time: 4 minutes
Quixant is a leading technology solutions provider to the global Gaming industry, providing innovative and next generation solutions that enable its customers to deliver the ultimate player experience. After launching Quantum and Qinetic, its range of modular Gaming and Sports betting cabinet solutions, in 2022, it’s now poised to release a new range of intel-based solutions at ICE 2023, complementing its existing selection of AMD-based solutions. iGB spoke to Quixant’s chief commercial officer Duncan Faithfull to outline the company’s plans and objectives for 2023.

“Quixant has never just been about delivering Gaming platforms. We believe that it is our responsibility to give support to our customers to make sure that they get the best out of their Quixant products – it is all about support and working in partnership.”

In addition to providing innovative technology solutions, developing partnerships has always been at the heart of Quixant’s offerings. Working collaboratively to ensure customers have the products and resources they need to develop the best content and deliver the ultimate player experience, they have built strong, long-lasting customer relationships. Further to this, the hands-on support provided by their team of global Gaming experts, and the Quixant Hub, its customer support portal hosting downloadable software libraries, documentation, and key resources, are designed to provide customers with everything they need to get ahead of the game. 

So what is the master plan for Quixant for the year ahead? To roll out even more high-quality products and solutions that will ensure the success of their customers’ products.

Duncan Faithfull explains “Over the last three years, Quixant has focused on effectively managing the component and supply chain problems on behalf of our customers, ensuring that we continue to supply, whatever it takes.

“We have worked closely in partnership with our customers to engineer excellent solutions to cater to component supply issues. This means that as gaming markets reopened post pandemic, our customers were able to focus on their game creation and confidently win new business, knowing that the gaming hardware platform would be supplied.” 

Providing solutions to meet the evolving needs of the market

Identifying the biggest challenges the market faces is one thing, but using these to enhance product offering is another. Being adaptable was key for Quixant from the offset of the pandemic, ensuring the product offering reflected the evolving needs of the market. 

Faithfull commented “As we move into 2023, our focus is not only on supply, but on developing our core range of Gaming hardware platforms. Listening to our customers, we know that they’re looking for a range of solutions that cover all power, performance, and price scenarios.” 

Customer requirements and feedback were essential to Quixant ensuring continuous enhancement of its product portfolio and shaped its range of next-generation Gaming hardware platforms, IQ, IQON, and QMAX

The range of platforms is designed to deliver optimal power and performance for customers based on the budget and performance requirements and comes with Quixant’s market-leading software solutions as standard, allowing customers to focus on enhancing the player experience, and expediting the time it takes to get their cabinets to market.

According to Faithfull, the IQ and IQ Air products represent the ultimate in value and performance and far exceeds what its competitors offer. They are ideal for customers looking for a reliable and powerful platform that enhances their content. 

The problem-solving doesn’t stop there; the IQON and IQON Air products are suitable for a wide range of game complexities, delivering unrivalled performance and value, so customers can develop market-leading games and get them to market in record time.

Last, but by no means least, Quixant is launching its new premium Gaming hardware platform at ICE 2023, the QMAX, which has been designed to deliver the highest resolution content, the smoothest gameplay, and the ultimate player experience. 

The platform is powered by Intel®, offering exceptional GPU performance, and is available with or without a dGPU, allowing customers to increase their hardware performance by adding the graphics card of their choice. 

Get with the program

Faithfull highlights how Quixant has endeavoured to make its hardware offering synonymous with high-quality performance. Now, it’s focusing on further improving its software offering and services to enhance the hardware offering, which the company is set to launch to the industry in February 2023 at ICE. 

“Aligned with the work on cabinets and building on the range of embedded software solutions on our Gaming platforms, Quixant is looking to expand its software solutions operation, offering a suite of comprehensive software and integration support solutions,” Faithfull explains. 

“This will allow game designers to develop the ultimate game content, enhancing the player experience, as well as enabling management of the cabinet the game sits on and a collection of integration solutions” Faithfull reflected.

Quixant and ICE London 2023

With a whole host of exciting products already available to the market, and more set to be released at the much-anticipated ICE London 2023, the year ahead could not look any brighter for Quixant.

Faithfull concluded, “We would love to discuss the launch of our new offerings with game manufacturers who are looking to further differentiate their products to ensure they stand out from the crowd, and to expedite the time it takes to get their cabinets to market.” 

Quixant are at ICE stand N2-120. You can arrange to meet them at the show by visiting www.quixant.com

EVP, Gaming Business Leader and CCO 

Duncan Faithfull has 30 years of experience in commercial roles, with 10+ years at board level, and has worked across various industries including finance, logistics and pharmaceuticals. Duncan joined Quixant in early 2020, and as chief commercial officer is responsible for corporate strategy development and enhancing the customer journey. Duncan brings with him a thorough understanding of modelling and delivering outsourced solutions that allow customers to focus on most effectively delivering their customer strategies.