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GoldenRace updates its satellite channels for Africa

| By Guy Parsons
Local players can look forward to new virtual sports and number games

GoldenRace, the leading virtual sports and betting technologies provider, is updating the content of its three satellite channels, to bring African players new virtual sports and number games. All the updated content belongs to the latest version of the company’s retail solution (VBOX).

GoldenRace’s satellite solution for Africa allows betting-shop operators to expand their offer throughout the most distant and inaccessible territories, which usually have a weak internet connection.

The company has two satellites, each covering different geographical areas of the continent, to bring the best service wherever the operators’ businesses are placed.

The release of this update on GoldenRace’s betting software is happening today (11 June) and will offer new and engaging content through the company’s satellite channels.

Multigame option and satellite channels

GoldenRace’s satellite solution includes the option of a multiscreen, allowing players to see and bet on different virtual sports and number games at the same time, such as football leagues, Keno and Spin2Win, dog races and Rainbow Colours 49. This option is also very economic and simple for operators, and it includes a mobile cashier.

Channel 1

Channel 1’s updated content will let African players enjoy their favourite league and the most popular in terms of numbers of bets placed worldwide: the English Premier League.

GoldenRace has developed the most-played virtual football in the industry, generating more than 20 million bets on a daily basis. A proprietary motion-capture technology, high-quality FX, real camera angles, voiceovers from professional commentators, realistic odds, and a familiar layout make our virtual football the best in terms of quality and realism. Plus, there are more than 40 markets for up to 20 football leagues and tournaments.

Channel 2

Thanks to GoldenRace’s multiscreen option players will be able to simultaneously bet on greyhound races, Keno and Spin2Win. Greyhound races are GoldenRace’s origin event, and an all-time favourite in the gambling industry. The pre-recorded races with six dogs feature all the players’ preferred markets.

Spin2Win is a very classic roulette-based game and one of the African players’ favourites.

Channel 2’s updated offer is completed with another classic: Keno, a lottery-based game where 20 balls out of 80 are drawn by the lottery drum.

Channel 3

GoldenRace’s third satellite channel also offers Spin2Win, as it is the second most played virtual game in Africa after football, and the most-played numbers game.

Finally, Rainbow Colours 49, which is GoldenRace’s latest numbers game release, is a vivid and engaging game based on randomly drawing six balls from a pool of 49. It offers several markets and a possible win up to x500,000!