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NSoft unveils nerve-shredding new game Virtual Penalty Shootout

| By Guy Parsons
New release mimics the real-life battle of wits between shooter and goalkeeper

NSoft’s Virtual Games team has released a new thrilling game. Virtual Penalty Shootout, the ultimate tiebreaker, is a perfect new addition to NSoft’s Virtual Games catalogue. For now, the game is available for the web channel. 

Virtual Penalty Shootout has been designed and executed by NSoft’s in-house expert team to perfectly mimic the atmosphere of anticipation. The epic clash in football, between a shooter and a goalkeeper, is ideally translated in this game to punters’ satisfaction.  

As penalties have two possible outcomes, the markets are divided into the goal and no-goal options. The goal is divided into 24 sections, with each offering betting opportunities for the goal markets: bet on a single field, rows and columns, left or right side, odd or even, field colour purple or yellow. No-goal stakes are miss, save and post.

Virtual Penalty Shootout is a modular game. It is easy to adjust the layout and duration for the best player experience and to suit operators’ needs. 

The round consists of three segments. The first one is the countdown. Depending on the sequence configuration, this segment can be skipped, and the operators are allowed to display a game ad instead. 

The middle part is the shootout itself. This is a beautifully designed 20-second-long sequence that is as nerve-wracking as the real-life penalty kick. The scenes are designed by using motion capture technology with real-life football players and gatekeepers helping NSoft to create the game.  

The last sequence is the results display. The length of this part of the round is also configurable. 

The game features statistics with the most and the least outcomes. 

To learn more about the game, contact NSoft Sales Team sales@nsoft.com.