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Soft2Bet takes centre stage at Forbes Future of Fintech summit

| By iGB Freelance
Redefining engagement with motivational engineering technology, Soft2Bet, the leading B2B casino and sportsbook platform provider, showcased its trailblazing Motivational Engineering Gaming Application (MEGA) at the Forbes Future of Fintech Summit in Cyprus on 7-8 December.

The summit served as a pivotal platform for Soft2Bet to highlight the convergence of igaming and fintech, demonstrating transformative strategies set to redefine user experiences across industries.

Uri Poliavich, Soft2Bet’s founder and CEO, headlined a fireside chat alongside Forbes fintech writer Meaghan Johnson. They discussed the potential of Soft2Bet’s MEGA and how it could revolutionise engagement in igaming, as well as the fintech and financial services space.

Poliavich emphasised the striking parallels between personalised features in igaming and fintech, advocating for seamless integration of engaging elements. “Whether in igaming or fintech, mobile apps have the same personalisation features,” he explained. “MEGA aims to capture more of users’ screen time, ensuring an engaging and personalised experience.”

Forbes’s Johnson echoed this sentiment, highlighting the untapped potential for fintech to adopt similarly engaging and interactive elements. “Quite frankly, we [the fintech and digital banking industry] do not do gamification well. There are few and far examples of who actually has launched successful gamification, whether it is for sales or education,” Johnson said. “It has been interesting to hear Uri’s insights on how and why Soft2Bet can help fintechs elevate their gamification.”

Additionally, during a panel discussion entitled “The Future of Fintech in the Game Industry” Gilad Naim, COO of Soft2Bet, underscored the crucial role of fintech in gaming interactions. Naim emphasised the significance of streamlined KYC processes and highlighted Soft2Bet’s MEGA innovations as an additional layer of entertainment for players.

Naim explained, “With Motivational Engineering, we have created an additional layer of entertainment for players. The increases in engagement, revenues and deposits are proof that players will engage if you provide them with the products.”

Soft2Bet’s strategic outlook involves leveraging MEGA to seamlessly integrate gamification strategies into the fintech realm. The company plans to launch a gamified wallet, aiming to capture more user screentime and attention. Soft2Bet’s participation at the Forbes Future of Fintech summit signifies its commitment to spearheading transformative experiences in both igaming and fintech, setting new benchmarks for engagement and innovation. This event was truly an exciting moment for the tech community in Cyprus.