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Grupo Pefaco to move online in Africa with Moobifun

| By Robert Fletcher
Online gambling solutions provider Moobifun has agreed a deal to digitise the casino operations of Grupo Pefaco in Africa.

Under the arrangement, Moobifun will use its proprietary igaming technology to migrate Grupo Pefaco’s operations online, with an initial focus on Burkina Faso, Benin, Togo, Niger, Ivory Coast and Burundi. 

Moobifun will enable Grupo Pefaco to engage with players via the localised mobile channels for each individual market, while Moobifun will also provide its suite of lottery products that includes instant lottery, number games and digital scratch cards. 

In addition, Grupo Pefaco will make use of Moobifun’s Mobile Money payment integration offering. 

“Grupo Pefaco has built a very successful business within the bricks-and-mortar casino space and we’re thrilled to help them digitise the African operation,” Moobifun’s head of business development and sales, Louis Mecklembourg, said. “Our localised expertise will ensure that users will have a seamless and enjoyable online experience.”

Grupo Pefaco also has a presence in Rwanda in Africa, as well as in Paraguay in South America.

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