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Slotegrator: Launching a successful online casino from the ground up

| By Laura Gumbrell | Reading Time: 6 minutes
For operators, launching an online casino successfully relies on many moving parts. From third-party integrations to keeping up with compliance, game content offerings to licence acquisitions, trying to slot everything together is a huge challenge. Enter Slotegrator, Yana Khaidukova, Managing director, explains how the software developer has built operator-first tools like Telegram Casino and its turnkey online casino solution, that solves this exact challenge.
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 “In the igaming industry, it’s especially important to monitor trends whilst also acting on them. Slotegrator works according to this principle.”

For operators looking to launch an online casino, making sure the various backend technologies work in unison is the top priority. And with a huge drive in the industry for mobile-first casino games, it’s imperative that operators have the means to offer players the games they want to play, where they want to play them.

Fail to solve this streamlining issue at entry and operators will face speed bumps further down the line, resulting in a poor player experience. Throw weak technology integrations into the mix and an operator is faced with their biggest fear: low retention rates.

And the numbers speak for themselves when it comes to player demands. The steady growth in online gambling revenue grew drastically post-pandemic, reaching €382 bn GGR, an increase of 8% compared to 2021. With the market growing at pace in 2023, operators need an igaming platform that can not only help them launch an online casino but also scale as they grow.

According to Yana Khaidukova, the biggest choice facing an operator is selecting their platform provider. Over the past 11 years, Slotegrator has focused on making this decision easy by developing a turnkey solution that offers everything an operator needs out of the box.

Turnkey solutions to turn the tide: “AI is the present”

With Slotegrator’s turnkey solution, operators can launch their casino from the ground up with minimal effort and costs. With a unified API, casino builder and bonus modules for gamified promotions and Artificial BI module reporting tools, operators have everything at their disposal for a successful online casino.

Khaidukova believes that Slotegrator’s reporting tool is pivotal in helping operators understand their player data before, during and after launch – something that can also aid their responsible gambling initiatives.

“Our BI reporting tools not only help operators track the analytical data they need to make strategic decisions, such as analytics on the project’s GGR, but they allow them to compare their project with others that operate in the same market. Not only this, but AI technologies can identify threats and send alerts much, much faster than a human ever could, leading to greatly improved risk management.”

“More and more industry players agree that AI solutions aren’t the future, they’re the present. Every day AI offers more opportunities, and it’s clear that interest and demand will only increase as AI solutions multiply and develop.”

Breaking down the modules

One of the biggest challenges turnkey solutions solve is developmental work for operators. Modules like the Casino Builder were developed by Slotegrator to allow operators to create custom site frontends to stand out from the crowd. Platforms are often criticised for being slow to build but Slotegrator’s module is there to create an interface in just three clicks using readymade templates and simple tools without waiting on a developer.

“This detailed improvement of each module has a qualitative impact on increasing the GGR because it makes the overall product airtight. We anticipated and tracked down any problem areas – and that attention to detail pays off and passes success on to the operator, who can increase revenues even further.”

Slotegrator found that bonus modules were also paramount for operators. The team builds personalised gamified promotions, which have led to a huge increase in effective user retention for the operator. The Artificial BI (business intelligence) module builds on this, with reporting tools to get analytics on a project’s GGR and consumer profile.

“Our Unified API also enables fast integration of game content, payment gateways, plugins and additional third-party software – it’s all these modules combined that make it the perfect multifaceted platform built to aid the growth of any operator’s strategy.”

Solving industry pain points with Slotegrator

An online casino business can prove hugely lucrative when launched correctly. But from licensing to site creation to selecting the content – the foundations need to be strong enough to allow for success in such a saturated market.

“It’s like natural selection. If you don’t embrace trends, the market won’t accept you.”

Khaidukova says Slotegrator believes the initial build should be seamless – and that’s why it makes the integration process as simple as possible for its partners. “At the beginning, we usually recommend having a consultation session with Slotegrator’s sales managers. This step helps to choose the right market, goals and target audience, helping both us and the client get a full picture of the potential for the business.”

After the initial call, Slotegrator creates a personalised agreement and the process of launching an online casino is started. What makes its integration different is that right from the beginning, the client is involved in every stage and participates in choosing everything from the design of the platform to the games that are featured.

And it’s clear that this level of personalisation is what makes the launches successful, explains Khaidukova.

“Firstly, we love our work because we are igaming enthusiasts who appreciate customer requirements and think about their expectations,” she says. “We love challenges like entering new markets, creating intricate designs for online casinos and integrating additional security options because we strengthen our expertise and replenish the portfolio with unique cases.

“The commercial part of the business is important, but we are professionals and at the same time a socially responsible company, so we tend to solve problems and offer solutions that often exceed the expectations of our customers.”

Introducing Telegram Casino

The turnkey solution isn’t the only offering that Slotegrator has put front and centre to help online casinos. Closing the door on traditional gambling platforms, Telegram Casino offers an innovative solution for mobile gambling powered by a bot. Requiring little to no work from operators, this easy and efficient tool allows them to reach a far greater mobile audience, and Khaidukova is effusive about its capabilities.

“The new generation of players is mobile-first when it comes to online gambling, which is just common sense: they already use their mobiles for everything, so why should gambling be any different? Telegram Casino lets players seamlessly switch from socialising to playing without leaving their favourite messaging app.”

“Customers said the solution’s arrival was very timely, showing up right when they needed it most.”

“From the beginning of the year, we had a very busy schedule, visiting the most anticipated igaming events in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. After this wide-ranging plethora of business trips, we can say that Telegram Casino has confirmed its worldwide appeal. Why? I’d guess it’s the speed, convenience and security of this unique solution. It was officially announced much earlier, but this year has seen the full bloom of the Telegram Casino solution.”

Telegram Casino: Giving players what they’re asking for

It’s clear that Telegram Casino came at just the right time for Slotegrator’s audience, but how did the company identify a gap in the market for a product ahead of its time? Khaidukova believes the secret was knowing the target audience.

“During the pandemic it was crucial to create something that suited the times – and we did it. How did we know that it would be popular? We surveyed our customers regularly. And the most-repeated request during Covid-19 was to create a simple and fast platform including all options of the online casino that can work inside the house. This point motivated us to create the Telegram Casino solution because it was the most-used messenger during the pandemic.”

“Telegram Casino is the quickest and easiest way for players to get to their games. Telegram itself was created as a mobile messenger, its UX was developed for single-hand use, which players prefer, and which many modern games are designed for.”

“Having both a classic online casino platform and an alternative mobile option allows operators to cover different categories of players with a single gambling project. That’s why it is a great solution with a great USP.”

Changing the game for operators

By focusing on the challenges operators face when launching an online casino, Slotegrator has managed to produce solutions that solve them. With customer feedback, the software developer has built tools that answer one of the biggest questions in igaming: how do I build a successful online casino from the ground up?

And Khaidukova says this is only the beginning.

“We are continuing the integration of AI-integrated solutions into the platform. Also, by the end of 2023, we will publish a series of special reports that become guidelines for several target audiences in 2024. We will announce this event in the autumn.”

Yana Khaidukova is managing director at Slotegrator. She is a Business development expert, having previously held positions as head of the Customer Account and Vendor Departments for 3 years. She works with a variety of clients and partners, and now manages both internal and external processes at Slotegrator.

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