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Pariplay transforms gaming integration with Fusion aggregation platform

| By Thomas Caldon | Reading Time: 5 minutes
In an industry where every company is looking to be an ‘innovator’, the need to use more and more integrations has become a dangerous norm. The outcome? Messy integrations are now a thorn in the side of gaming suppliers and operators alike. Luckily for them, Adrian Bailey, managing director at Pariplay, has shared the number one solution to combating poor integration – the Fusion aggregation platform.
Pariplay's Fusion Aggregation Platform

The integration challenge

Traditionally operators have had a tough task when it comes to linking together all of their backend systems. Whether it’s high-quality software providers, content management systems or promotional tools, integrating every platform manually leads to a whole host of challenges.

These range from the obvious – the waste of valuable time – through operational costs that can go through the roof to inefficiencies from the varying platforms. That’s why solving one of an operator’s biggest burdens, that of synchronising game content, data and – player engagement tools easily and efficiently, has become paramount to aggregators.

Enter Pariplay, one of igaming’s leading aggregators. With a passion for solving the “integration challenge”, Pariplay offers 24/7 technical support and streamlines contracts so operators no longer need to negotiate with each supplier separately, allowing for immediate access to new titles as soon as they’re released.

Fusing efficiency with player value

Founded in 2010, and a subsidiary company of NeoGames group since 2022, Pariplay has been a leading aggregator and content provider for over a decade with one simple mission: to connect operators with portfolios of suppliers in the easiest way possible.

At the forefront of Pariplay’s product range is the Fusion aggregation platform – a unified, single approach to content delivery which focuses on achieving greater efficiency and ROI for operators.

“Fusion has two main elements,” managing director Adrian Bailey explains. “One of the main elements is the regulation layer which improves the operator experience of being able to work with Pariplay. We have GRT (game regulation technology), and we build all of that out in every market.

“Secondly, we have our engagement tools: our raffle tool, Spin That Wheel tool and tournament tool. These stand out because they are transparent and regulator-friendly. We allow operators to completely control the segmentation and pass it through to us, giving them less of an operational headache and allowing them to generate more revenue.”

The company’s value to the operator is clear: it delivers bespoke solutions developed and deployed at high speeds, providing a range of conversion, retention and bonus tool mechanics. And that’s not all, the Fusion aggregation platform also offers players the chance to earn rewards.

“Our product makes opportunities visible and equal, so you can have a VIP player who plays and deposits a lot, versus a smaller player, both of whom have the same opportunity to win. The players can see where they are, see the rules and assess their position, which is cool and seamless.

“Even more impressive is the volume of content. We launch between 300 and 450 games on Fusion each month. The value we bring is being able to scale up to 40 games per week that are high quality, engage with players and keep them engaged.”

The Pariplay customer knows best

The Fusion platform connects to almost any system through a clean, simple application programming interface (API). The platform gives businesses Pariplay’s technologically advanced frontend and world-class backend, guaranteeing easy integrations.

These products have helped Pariplay to build an impressive list of partners which include Play’n GO, Evolution and Quickspin.

We probably have more than a thousand brands running on 150 operators, but we are able to make sure our clients get the attention they deserve by treating both vendors and operators as customers,” Bailey says. “We have excellent commercial account managers and a strong tech ops team that is available 24 hours a day around the world.

“We’re personal and open-minded when it comes to communication, and we even let our clients decide whether they want to do integrations via WhatsApp. We basically implement the philosophy of our partner organisations to improve communication, no matter what channels they use. Service is a huge part of our business and we hope our partners appreciate the service we give them.”

Pariplay has made a total of 14,000 games available across over 25 regulated markets, enabling over 150 live integrations and fielding bets worth in excess of €1.5bn every month.

The team’s willingness to adapt to meet varying communication styles is mirrored in its versatile approach to operations, and Bailey insists no challenge is too great for the aggregator.

“If you’re a single-market company, it’s easy enough to go through your quality assurance (QA) process and launch the game. But if you’re an operator working in 12 regulated markets, you want the game to go live on day one and you need to facilitate that. All the QA and testing has been done, but there is lots of complexity. “Pariplay does a very good job of making sure you have the content, and being commercially transparent now we are really focused on the operational side. How can we make your life easier and more viable for you to launch more games more quickly? How can we help you put your engaging content on a platform?”

Keep tabs on your odds with Raffle Rocket

Among Pariplay’s leading engagement tools is Fusion Tournaments. These tournaments add novelty and excitement to the player journey through a simple configuration which can be run at no extra cost to operators, featuring a real-time leaderboard and a smooth cross-platform user interface.

“Game providers have been compelled to use this tool because it can host tournaments with up to 30,000 players simultaneously. It’s becoming more common for games to have a one-month lifespan, so companies are thinking of ways to get old games back into players’ minds.

“Through the tournament tool, vendors can sponsor tournaments and choose the games they want. They can choose five good older games and generate more revenue. The tool has been picked up by everybody: players, operators and vendors.”

Spin That Wheel and Raffle Rocket are just two of the innovative Fusion tools that have cultivated excitement and helped to accelerate the company’s growth.

“Many operators run raffles but none of them ever thought to transparently show the players their progress within that raffle. So most of the companies are getting their development teams to put some HTML5 pages up at the end of 24 hours that you can go to and see how many tickets you have. It’s not transparent.

“We said, let’s show the players everything they have. We are showing players what their odds look like within the raffle. You could have 10 raffle tickets out of a hundred, or you could have 10 raffle tickets out of 10,000. We put a meter on our tool to show them their odds and whether new tickets are still being generated. Transparency makes life easier.”

Fusion: A timely solution

Ask anyone in the industry what resource they crave the most and their answer will arguably always be ‘time’. Integrations with aggregators are becoming so streamlined in tackling complex tasks that it allows both operators and suppliers to focus on the quality of their services.

With Pariplay developing and deploying tailored solutions more quickly than ever before, operators can secure market compliance and vast portfolios, and suppliers can rest easy in the knowledge that their games will be distributed globally to penetrate regulated markets. It’s winning all round!

Adrian Bailey has over 15 years of experience in the gaming sector, having held the positions of VP Marketing and Managing Director in two of the largest gaming companies in the world (Neogames & Caesars Interactive Entertainment) where he was instrumental to their strategy and growth. Adrian was a founding member of Pariplay and has led the company from inception to sale in 2019, while he continues today to be at its helm. With extensive knowledge and experience in both the B2C and B2B sectors of the industry, Adrian is well positioned as both an operational and strategic leader.

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