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Swedish regulator to impose supplier licence fees from 1 July

| By Zak Thomas-Akoo
The Swedish regulator Spelinspektionen is to obligate owners of supplier licences to pay fees from 1 July.
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Spelinspektionen will charge the organisation which holds a licence to supply gaming software to operators in Sweden a fixed fee. The regulator requires businesses to pay a separate fee for each licence it holds unless it receives a specific exemption.

If, due to “special events”, the fee amount does not cover the cost of the supervision, the regulator may charge a variable fee to cover the excess.

Spelinspektionen calculates the excess at SEK1,500 (£109/€128/$141) per additional hour the supervisor works to investigate the activity. The licence-holder will also be liable for travel, accommodation and other inspection costs.

While a provider will need to pay a fixed fee just in advance of the date the invoice is due, businesses must pay a variable fee one month in advance.

Sweden supplier licences

Spelinspektionen opened the submission process for supplier licences on 1 March. After awarding the first licences midway through the month, the regulator that it had received 60 total licence applications.

The five-year licences will become a requirement on 1 July for any provider that wishes to offer its services to operators in Sweden.

The country’s parliament introduced the legislation creating the B2B licences in November last year. The regulator said this was done in an attempt to improve the country’s channelisation rates to legal offerings.

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