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Making sportsbook integration simple: GR8 Tech’s iFrame

| By Laura Gumbrell | Reading Time: 5 minutes
With sports betting taking up more than 40% of the gambling market, GR8 Tech’s Igor Kaufman, Head of Sport Business Unit, believes casino operators are missing out on huge potential. Though adding a new vertical to an igaming portfolio can seem like both a financial and time-consuming gamble, Kaufman says GR8 Tech has developed the ideal streamlined solution that mitigates these concerns.

The global sports betting market is experiencing unprecedented growth, with predictions of an annual 12% increase by 2028, underscoring its immense potential. Yet, despite this lucrative opportunity, many operators are yet to fully embrace sports betting as a core component of their igaming portfolio.

“Casino-focused operators who exclude sports betting overlook a significant revenue opportunity. The conventional wisdom that casinos are the primary earners, while still has its grounds, is outdated on the larger scale.”

Debunking the myth: Sports betting for casino operators

Previously, operators wanting to integrate sportsbook offerings embarked on a long, expensive journey involving technical changes and intense site updates. Add in the often complex regulations around providing both verticals and there is no wonder that operators are reluctant to spend out on something that may not be financially beneficial. 

In the past few years, there has been an influx of solutions where the integration of these two verticals has been made easier. However, not all of the challenges have been solved. Simply trialling a sports betting offering is not an option without significant risk, but GR8 Tech’s Sportsbook iFrame product allows operators to test the waters without the need to commit to full integration.

Lucrative opportunities in sports betting

“Casino-focused operators who exclude sports betting overlook a significant revenue opportunity,” Kaufman says. “The conventional wisdom that casinos are the primary earners, while still has its grounds, is outdated on the larger scale.”

Incorporating sports betting can substantially boost profits. Plus, traffic coming from sports is much less expensive than that from a casino because of the overinflation of the casino acquisition costs due to high competition and popularity of the vertical.

Some of the most popular reasons for opting against adopting sports betting is unfamiliarity with the vertical or a lack of expertise, leading to a fear of failing to engage players effectively. Kaufman explains, “Instead of adding value, a poorly executed sports betting feature can detract from the user experience, potentially driving away more customers than it attracts.”

It is this ethos that has spurred GR8 Tech to create the ideal product that mitigates operator concerns and ultimately boosts player engagement. 

Recognising the need for innovation

GR8 Tech has researched and tailored its iFrame solution to address these concerns head-on.

“Our approach to researching potential new products is thorough and multifaceted. We actively monitor market trends and maintain an ongoing dialogue with our industry peers and clients to understand their needs and desires.

Kaufman continues, “This proactive engagement is crucial for identifying where the market is heading and pinpointing opportunities for innovation.”

By providing a straightforward and hassle-free integration process, GR8 Tech ensures that casino platforms can seamlessly incorporate sports betting without the need for extensive technical knowledge or resources. This approach enables operators to capitalise on the revenue potential of sports betting while minimising the barriers to entry.

“The inception of the GR8 Sportsbook iFrame was influenced by both customer demand and a gap we observed in the market. While iFrame solutions are not new, we saw a distinct need for a product that went beyond the basics to offer an enhanced experience.”

Evolving current iFrame solutions

With some of the more basic solutions currently on the market, operators are still battling streamlining and personalisation teething problems. GR8 Tech has tackled this directly, empowering operators to get to grips with their own platform.

“Our iFrame distinguishes itself by offering many additional features right out of the box, designed to boost revenue and improve usability – something that our competitors often lack, whether due to additional costs or the absence of such features.”

GR8 Tech’s iFrame solution: Impactful sportsbook integration

“In terms of upgrading – first of all, the beauty of the GR8 Sportsbook iFrame lies in its continuous enhancement.”

Launched with the aim of providing a seamless and efficient pathway for operators to incorporate top-tier sportsbook into their existing platforms, the GR8 Tech iFrame product represents a game-changing advancement in the industry. Casino operators can gain access to a comprehensive suite of features, including over 2,000 betting markets across 50 sports and esports, alongside 25,000+ daily events and round-the-clock in-play action.

Kaufman explains, “Our iFrame solution is particularly ideal for casino-focused operators because it provides a seamless and hassle-free way to incorporate a top-tier, award-winning sportsbook into their existing platform.”

The iFrame boasts a straightforward ‘plug-and-play’ solution that instantly grants access to GR8 Sportsbook’s extensive functionality. This integration can significantly enhance a casino’s offering, boosting cross-selling opportunities and overall user engagement.

“We regularly introduce new features and customisation options, ensuring that the product evolves alongside the operator’s needs. If an operator finds the iFrame beneficial and wishes to expand their collaboration with GR8 Tech, transitioning to our full platform is a viable option. This broader adoption can encompass not only the sportsbook but also the casino side, benefiting from our platform’s high performance and stability, thus elevating their entire operation to a new level of excellence.”

Rigorous testing and partner collaboration

Behind the scenes, GR8 Tech ensures that the iFrame remains stable and efficient under diverse conditions.

“We adhere to a rigorous testing process encompassing various scenarios to ensure robustness and reliability. This testing is multi-faceted, including simulations of diverse conditions that draw from our extensive industry experience and past integration cases.

“This includes high user load situations, different types of user interactions, and various market conditions to ensure the platform remains stable and efficient regardless of the external pressures it faces.”

Customers are at the crux of all of GR8 Tech’s developmental work, and that’s why its team continues to work on close collaborations with its partners.

“We integrate their feedback and specific use cases into our testing process, ensuring that the product meets our high standards and aligns with our clients’ needs. And, of course, we gather data from client integration cases, gathering invaluable real-world data.”

This thorough approach has enabled the team to present the GR8 Sportsbook iFrame to the market as a worthy addition to their comprehensive product portfolio – “tested, polished, and ready to deliver results to customers,” as Kaufman notes.

Evolving for future trends

With demand for sports betting integration increasing, GR8 Tech continues to refine and enhance its iFrame solution to meet the evolving needs of its clients and end-users.

“For GR8 Tech as a provider, the market demand for the GR8 Sportsbook iFrame, the enthusiastic response, and the tangible interest we’ve received from stakeholders are strong indicators of its success. Notably, the fact that we have clients who have specifically chosen our iFrame underscores its value and appeal in the market.”

And it’s clear GR8 Tech has big plans for the future. “To adapt and evolve our iFrame solution for the future, our strategy is multi-dimensional. While keeping up-to-date with market trends is crucial, we believe in going a step further – our goal is to be trendsetters, not followers.

“This involves identifying new opportunities within the industry and real-world cases, particularly soliciting and analysing input from our clients and their end-users to refine and enhance the GR8 Sportsbook iFrame.”

This feedback loop ensures that its product evolves in alignment with user needs and preferences, maintaining its relevance and effectiveness in an ever-changing market. The future for GR8 Tech’s iFrame is bright, and the team is ready to take the market by storm.

Igor Kaufman is the Head of the Sport Business Unit at GR8 Tech, bringing over 15 years of experience in tech and deep expertise in AI/ML. GR8 Tech marks Igor’s first venture in iGaming; however, his strong tech background enabled him to quickly grasp the industry’s features, challenges, and opportunities. Igor’s aim as a Head of Sport BU is to drive the development of the company’s sports products, building the next-gen iGaming PaaS.

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