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Three more operators fined over advertising breaches in Lithuania

| By Robert Fletcher
Lithuania’s Gambling Supervisory Authority has issued fines to Olympic Casino Group Baltija, Tete-a-Tete Casino and UAB Baltic Bet after ruling the three operators breached regulations on gambling advertising.
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All three operators were handed a fine of €25,000 (£21,286/$26,876) for breaching Article 10 (19) of Lithuania’s gambling regulations (ALI), which relates to encouraging participation in gambling. 

The decisions were based on Lithuania’s ban on gambling promotions, which came into effect last year

The Authority said that Olympic Casino Group Baltija’s OlyBet.lt website featured a range of promotional slogans that encouraged consumers to play its online slots and casino games.

The adverts included text such as “Specially selected casino games; play” and “Hunt for a win in the Bonus Game! HIT BIG”.

In addition to the fine, the Authority warned Olympic Casino Group Baltija that its licence to offer such games could be suspended if further, similar breaches were noted. The operator has until 27 June to remove the adverts, with its licence up for renewal this year.

Meanwhile, Tete-a-Tete Casino was also found to have published promotional slogans on its CBet.lt website, with the aim of advertising its online slot games to players in Lithuania.

This text included phrases such as “Highest odds! 0% betting margin for you” and “5 stars Live Casino”, with the Authority taking the view that this was illegal gambling advertising. 

Tete-a-Tete Casino was also given until 27 June to rectify the issue or face having its licence, which is due to expire this year, suspended.

Elsewhere, Baltic Bet was issued with a fine for publishing similar advertising slogans on its Optibet.lt website, with this deemed to be encouraging people to gamble.

These phrases, the Authority said, included “Would you like to try these new, exciting games? Come here!” and “Enjoy the Las Vegas casino experience with us at Optibet”.

As was the case with the other two operators, Baltic Bet was ordered to remove these phrases from its sites or risk having its licence – due for renewal this year – suspended. 

The Authority added that none of the three decisions are final and the operators can appeal against the decision.

All three operators have previously faced disciplinary action in Lithuania, the most recent being Olympic Casino Group Baltija, which was fined €25,000 in March this year for publishing information about a poker tournament on its website.

Baltic Bet was fined €12,450 for “organising gambling outside of gambling regulations” in October last year, while Tete-a-Tete Casino in March 2021 became the first operator to be fined under new regulations in Lithuania for unreasonably setting betting limits on an online customer.

In recent weeks, a number of other operators have also been fined for breaching advertising laws in the country. Top Sport was fined €25,000 while 7bet operator Amber Gaming was handed a €6,789 penalty.

Also this month, both Unigames and Betsson were fined after being found in violation of the country’s ban on gambling promotion.

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