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Partnering for success: Choosing the right white label partner with SoftGamings

| By iGB Editorial Team | Reading Time: 6 minutes
Navigating the igaming industry can be a challenging experience for new operators, especially when it comes to obtaining (and retaining) a licence. Because of this many companies opt for a white label solution to help them get a head-start on the market. Sergey Shibkih, deputy head of white label and turnkey solutions at SoftGamings, believes there are five things that should be on every operator’s checklist when choosing a white label partner.

In a bid to avoid huge overheads, operators are trying to keep costs as low as possible without compromising on service or on the quality of their online casino offering. That’s why a white label solution has proven to be an attractive option for those entering the igaming industry.

A white label solution provides operators with a ready-made yet customisable platform that has been tried and tested in the market. With the right partner, operators can benefit from streamlined processes and a quick time to market, with their brand turned into a fully-fledged platform in a matter of weeks.

With such heavy responsibility resting on the solution, it’s imperative that operators choose the right one for their needs. According to Sergey Shibkih, deputy head of white label and turnkey solutions at SoftGamings, there are five key factors that operators should check before putting pen to paper.

“While the advantages of a fast time to market and the ability for the brand owner to focus on online marketing alone is clear, the road to success is partnering up with an experienced provider with an excellent reputation.”

Typical challenges operators face when building an online casino

For new operators, building an online casino comes with sky-high costs and big competitors with even bigger budgets. On average, building an online casino can set operators back thousands of dollars.

Getting to grips with the market, having the money to invest and the time to develop the offer can all be key factors in an online casino failing during the first year of launch. But this is why a white label solution can prove beneficial: it can take on the heavy lifting and work behind the scenes to make an online casino market ready.

Building online casinos: Experience is everything

Shibkih believes that the success of a white label solution lies in the experience and know-how of the provider. “The typical challenges operators face when building a casino are closely related to their level of experience,” he says. “There is a distinction between inexperienced and experienced operators, and this is where choosing an experienced white label solution can really help them to drive their online casino success.”

A lack of experience on the operator side isn’t the only potential pitfall. A common mistake new businesses make is underestimating resource needs when they first enter the market, something Shibkih sees time and time again. “For instance, a provider of ours selected Europe, a famously pricey geographic area, and was unable to handle the demands of this market, such as player attraction, marketing campaigns and traffic.”

“It is imperative for an operator to anticipate that merely launching a white label casino won’t suffice. You shouldn’t count on everything working out on its own; for things to succeed, you’ll need to make significant financial investments, assemble a strong team and have a strong ambition to grow.”

Five factors to consider when choosing a white label solution

Ensuring the white label provider you choose has the right customisation tools for your business is undoubtedly important. But equally paramount is the relationship between the provider and the operator, where a significant amount of trust is involved.

“Because we care about our clients’ success and financial gain, we don’t put a spoke in their wheel and want them to be regarded as reliable by partners and other players.”


For Shibkih, robust igaming experience is important for any operator looking to decide on a white label partner, otherwise the pitfalls can prove costly. “The depth of the company’s industry experience is crucial,” he says. “A white label solution needs to have all of the necessary resources and expertise to support a large number of operators.

“Reputable platforms take concepts and put them into practice; rookie platforms, however, don’t always comprehend operator demands due to lack of industry knowledge.”

“We pay attention to customers’ requests regarding features, additional payment options, game providers, new prospects and operators’ desire to enter new markets. We go above and beyond for our clients.”

Prompt tech assistance

As well as delivering high-quality international payment options, it’s paramount that a white label solution also delivers on customer care with a specialist on-call around-the-clock team.

Shibkih believes it’s this customer care that is the foundation of a successful partnership. “It’s important to remember that poor technical support can cost you money, so it needs to start fixing issues right away, ideally within an hour.”

“Our reputation for offering safe and high-quality products speaks for itself. Which operator would use a platform that didn’t satisfy the bare minimum of technical specifications?”

Client-based customisation

For operators, the need to customise their platforms is a primary concern when contending with fierce competition. The casino market is saturated with established operators, so for new operators to stand out they need to offer something different. And to attract and retain a strong player base, customisation is a must-have.

“The operators themselves, who envision how the product should appear on the market, sometimes suggest innovations and we always aim to deliver on these,” says Shibkih.

How does the unique, customisable approach work

Though a white label solution is a template, the team implements a prototype design based on an operator’s needs, which can then be modified over time.

“We don’t create knockoff websites, so whether it’s a turnkey project or a white label solution, it will have a unique face. All of the features offered by the SoftGamings platform are available to our clients. Changes to the settings can be made on your own or with expert consultation.”

Providing expert advice for operators

The gambling industry is heavily regulated in many countries, and to succeed, operators must meet legal requirements and obtain the necessary licences to launch and operate. This involves undergoing rigorous background checks, ensuring fair play, preventing fraud and safeguarding the interests of both operators and players.

SoftGamings has tackled this challenge head-on. “The majority of white label websites typically hold either a Curaçao or Malta licence,” Shibkih explains. “From a technical standpoint, our platform is equipped to meet all the requirement needs, including player verification, fund withdrawal and more.”

The quality of payment options

For global reach and penetration of new markets, having multiple payment options is essential   when launching a new online casino otherwise players will head over to a competitor’s site.

“A software provider is typically expected to offer a variety of payment options. This is especially true if you are doing business in Asia.”

SoftGamings offers over 50 payment solutions. “Our payment methods are international in scope. First, we ascertain which countries/regions the operator intends to operate in. It all depends on the market and the client’s preferences – bank cards, cryptocurrencies, e-wallets or fiat money.”

“For instance, Europe uses fiat money while Asia favours cryptocurrencies. We provide a list of accepted payments and follow the operator’s wishes. Our dedicated department’s only job is to look for new ways to accept payments so that we can provide them to our customers.”

Why SoftGamings?

From customisation to global solutions, SoftGamings has taken its wealth of experience to create a successful white label platform. The team handles the technical aspects so that the operator can concentrate on growing the business. “With our assistance, operators can instead focus on marketing, geo selection and promotion. You can be certain that our platform is fully functional and technically flawless and that it will assist customers throughout their journey.”

SoftGamings believes that success is a team endeavour: when the operator wins, the solution wins too. “An operator’s success is of huge interest to us,” says Shibkih.

Delivering on the product

“We rely on the technical requirements that guide the creation of the site’s design. Our platform’s functionality enables operators to use template solutions as well as create local jackpots for a particular project, and customise mailings, bonuses and jackpots. Because you can use more than just the built-in settings, these are the features that set it apart from its competitors.”

What changes the game for clients is a white label’s level of customisation “Big players in the market like Pragmatic Play and Evolution Gaming are now available to everyone, though the providers they use are not unique,” says Shibkih.

Evolving with the times

It’s clear that choosing a white label partner can make or break the success of an online casino – a reliable and experienced software provider can provide new brands with the necessary expertise, technology and support to grow.

While this solid foundation is evident at SoftGamings, Shibkih believes that to be exceptional, a white label supplier should always be evolving.

“We take note of the direction the wind is blowing,” he says. “Our innovations stay current with the times. For instance, the most popular request right now is for cryptocasinos, and we fully accommodate this by offering player chat, multi-wallet functionality and cryptocurrency acceptance payment options. Some products are selectively offered by competitors. We offer everything at once.”

Sergey Shibkih has been with SoftGamings for over 6 years as the deputy head of white label and turnkey sales. He assists in the creation and launch of successful online casinos as a professional in the field of gaming platform development and promotion. Sergey has over ten years of experience in the igaming industry and a unique commercial vision, as well as in-depth knowledge of global trends and innovations in this field. He easily communicates with people from various cultures and countries, and his enthusiasm for discovering new ways to improve products and services reflects positively on SoftGamings’ credibility.

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