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GiG: Shaping the future of igaming and sportsbook solutions

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In the B2B igaming casino and sportsbook world, where ‘cutting edge’, ‘leading’, and ‘best-in-class’ are buzzwords, standing out from the crowd and becoming a go-to provider can be difficult. For GiG, the company’s quest to provide real value for its partners hold the core to its success, while innovation is in its very name. At the start of a new chapter for the business, Andrew Cochrane, chief business officer at GiG, explains about the company’s focus on bringing the very best products to the market.

In the ever-evolving landscape of igaming and sportsbook solutions, new markets are opening up with customers becoming increasingly more well educated on what defines a good product. Ensuring a casino or sportsbook offers a best-in-class UX is non-negotiable, otherwise customers can simply switch to another site or mobile app to place their next bet. For GiG, combining a steadfast commitment to pushing boundaries while unlocking the power of its dynamic and talented team is crucial.

Revolutionising the Industry

Since it was established in 2008, GiG has remained one of the most recognisable suppliers in the industry , and last year’s decision to spin out its B2B and Media business units into two has placed a renewed focus on what it has always done best – product innovation. The start of the year has seen it hit the ground running with the launch of its revolutionary igaming and sportsbook solutions – Platform CoreX, Sportsbook SportX,  and AI led features, DataX and LogicX.

“These products represent the future of the industry. Advanced machine learning models embedded in these solutions elevate decision-making abilities, setting GiG apart from competitors.” – Andrew Cochrane.

“Our ambitious plans for 2024 are rooted in strategic commercial initiatives aimed at cementing our position in the industry, expanding our global footprint, and fostering sustained growth,” explains Cochrane. “The focus is clear – greatly enhance player acquisition and retention capabilities through a combination of outstanding products and the highest levels of service in the industry, all backed up by a team of the brightest and best talent around. This will ensure we forge impactful partnerships, and maintain a deserved status as a pioneer in delivering cutting-edge solutions.”

Excitement is building at the company as it heads to ICE London to showcase these products at its Stand N9-140. “The recent developments we’ve made represent a major milestone for us, and we have a genuine belief that it will usher in a new era of opportunities for the igaming and sportsbook industry.”

A new look for a renewed commitment to excellence

Ahead of ICE London, GiG is doing more than just unveiling a new look; it is showcasing a renewed commitment to innovation and excellence. The GiG stand at ICE will be a testament to this commitment, featuring the entire flagship X-Suite, with a special emphasis on cutting-edge AI and automation.

The new chapter for GiG signals a shift in approach. From Cochrane’s point of view, it reaffirms a commitment to redefining industry standards, placing a premium on user experience, and embracing innovation as a core value.

“GiG isn’t content with being a player in the industry, we aspire to be a trendsetter and a force that propels the industry forward.”

GiG’s X-Suite: A glimpse into the future of igaming and sports betting

“Our X-Suite – CoreX, SportX, DataX and LogicX – is more than a suite of products”, according to Cochrane. “It’s a landmark moment in the next phase of the business. Each component is meticulously crafted to address the evolving needs of the industry. CoreX, the igaming platform solution, isn’t just about facilitating transactions, it’s about creating an ecosystem where players are engaged, enjoy an exceptional user journey, and ultimately retained as a loyal customer. The technology is event driven and built on microservices architecture which provides the fastest technical integrations with third parties, allowing for large scale operations with parallel teams working at the same time It is an open source tech-stack too, which makes it extremely efficient to operate and scale, and its all deployable to production in minutes.”

“SportX, our sportsbook solution, goes beyond conventional sports betting platforms. It’s a dynamic, data-driven solution that empowers operators to exceed user expectations. More than just odds provision, it has been built to create an immersive sports betting experience that captivates bettors. We offer the widest range of integrated marketing tools, dedicated trading, risk and fraud management, daily reporting and bespoke reports and one of the most comprehensive betting offers with a wide range of sports to target any geographic location, as well as tournaments and divisions. ”

“DataX and LogicX, the third and fourth pillars of our X-Suite, are the brain behind the brawn as we can define and create actionable business rules, on demand, without the need for coding knowledge, with our real-time rules engine, It’s where advanced machine learning models come into play, enhancing decision-making abilities, and setting GiG apart from competitors. It’s significantly more advanced than your standard data analytics. It’s intelligent data utilisation that drives insights, informs strategies, and ultimately, shapes success.”

At ICE, attendees can do more than just see these products in action, they’ll witness the convergence of technology, innovation, and vision. It’s not just about selling a suite of products, it’s about putting platforms in a position where they can transform the betting experience for the end customer. Importantly, its also a chance to meet, ask questions and seek the advice of the experts that we have at GiG.

Robust sales pipeline and global expansion

“The interest we’ve received already in our elevated product offering has been extremely positive, as we are proving that we can deliver a suite of best-in-class solutions that plugs into and powers our partners growth ambitions. Advanced discussions with key partners underscore the enthusiasm and interest in our solutions. Looking ahead, we anticipate significant activity in our key markets such as North America, Europe, and Latin America.”

These markets present exciting opportunities for growth, for the entire industry as well as GiG, and the supplier is confident its solutions are strategically positioned to meet the unique demands of each region. GiG is focused on more than just commercial growth. It is looking to establish strong partnerships, drive market penetration, and navigate the evolving regulatory landscape in these key areas.

Cochrane looks at the robust sales pipeline as not just a metric. “It’s a validation of the industry’s acknowledgment of GiG’s offerings. It’s an endorsement of our vision and an affirmation that GiG isn’t just another player in the market but a key influencer shaping its trajectory. Its been a highly successful last three months for our sales pipeline, which leaves us bullish at the prospect of lots of strong deals in the very near future.”

Reuniting for success

For Cochrane, his new role doesn’t mean completely new surroundings. The reunion with Richard Carter, a familiar face from his SBTech days, adds an extra layer of anticipation to the new-look GiG.

“Richard and I enjoyed a successful collaboration at SBTech, and we’re eager to replicate that success at GiG. Over the next three to five years, our vision is not just ambitious, it’s transformative – to position GiG as a global leader in the igaming and sportsbook industry.”

The roadmap to success is clear, and probably one that will look to follow the recipe established at SBTech – drive sustained revenue growth, expand market presence, and solidify a reputation for innovation and excellence. Building on the foundation of the X-Suite and recent senior hires, GiG is focused on going above and beyond, and truly raising the bar.

The collaboration with Carter isn’t just a reunion of two professionals, it’s a convergence of expertise, a fusion of vision, and a pledge to recreate the success that defined their partnership at SBTech.

Beyond products: setting industry benchmarks

GiG’s journey is focused on more than launching products and expanding market reach, it’s about setting industry benchmarks and redefining what success can mean to operators in the igaming and sportsbook sector. It’s about fostering an ecosystem where innovation isn’t an occasional occurrence but a continuous process.

Cochrane isn’t expecting a short sharp flash in the pan from the journey at GiG, however. “We want to continually challenging existing norms, embracing emerging technologies, and anticipating the needs of an ever-evolving market. GiG’s ambition isn’t just about being a player in the industry, it’s about being the catalyst that sets new standards”, he says.

In an industry where change is constant and innovation is key, GiG’s aim is to not be an adapter, but a leader. The commitment to innovation isn’t a tagline, it’s a philosophy embedded in every decision, every product, and every interaction.

Renowned in the industry as a customer relations expert, Andrew is responsible for the implementation of GiG’s commercial strategies, including business development, marketing, partnerships and corporate development. During his tenure at SBTech, Andrew made significant contributions to cement the company’s preeminent position by defining strategic commercial objectives, identifying growth opportunities, and maximising revenues across the board.

Notably, he managed one of the largest B2B pipelines in the industry and closing some of the most significant B2B platform and sports deals in the period. Most recently, Andrew has been part of the senior leadership team at DraftKings where he has served as Senior vice president of commercial. He oversaw strategic partnerships with major sports leagues, official sports data providers and igaming platform vendors for the DraftKings and Golden Nugget brands.

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