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AI and affiliate marketing: disruptive tech to shoot your business sky-high

September 13th 2023 @ 15:00 - September 13th 2023 @ 16:00

ChatGPT’s launch last November unleashed a wave of AI doomsday predictions of swathes of coders and writers disappearing from the igaming workforce overnight.

This has since given way to more considered investigation by igaming marketing teams of how AI and machine learning-based technologies can streamline or replace existing processes, freeing up valuable resources and minds to focus elsewhere.

But the hype bandwagon hasn’t stopped rolling, as evident from social feeds being flooded with endless ads for the free tools you must implement in order to stay productive and avoid falling behind your competitors.

iGB Affiliate partnered with RichAds to assemble a stellar panel of industry experts to help you cut through the noise. The webinar identified the most powerful ways machine learning and AI can revolutionise your affiliate marketing activities in 2023. Watch on demand now and explore:

1. The development of AI technologies in affiliate marketing
2. How AI can elevate your creatives and landing pages to new heights
3. The essential 2023 checklist of AI tools for igaming marketers
4. In-house AI capabilities, including RichAds’ optimisation features

NOTE: The results of the audience polls run and discussed by the speakers during the webinar can be viewed in full below:

poll 1: run and discussed from 7m 45s
poll 2: from 17m 25s
poll 3: from 25m onwards

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