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Boost First-Time Depositors: Cut CAC by Blocking Invalid Traffic

July 3rd 2024 @ 12:00 - July 3rd 2024 @ 13:00

As the sports betting industry continues to become increasingly competitive, maximising growth from new customers in the most efficient way possible to drive sustainable and profitable CAC to LTV metrics is the game’s name. Invalid traffic silently drains your budget in the competitive world of sports betting and damaging marketing metrics.

With more sports books betting big on “brand” through sports events and influencer partnerships, returning user traffic has surged, and it can be hard to distinguish between what is incremental to your marketing efforts and what is just driving up CPAs.

The competitive nature of the industry and the changing regulations around promotions and bonuses attract large-scale, sophisticated bots. 

Bots can inflate click numbers without adding value, and repeat customers clicking on ads can erode your budget for acquiring new users. Addressing these challenges ensures your marketing efforts are focused on genuine engagement, leading to a higher conversion rate of first-time depositors. This can drastically improve your CAC to LTV metrics. 

Learn strategies from top industry names to safeguard your marketing investments from invalid traffic. This session is tailored for digital marketers in the sports betting industry and will equip you with the tools to identify and counter these threats, ensuring your ad spend leads to genuine user engagement and conversions.

Join iGB in partnership with TrafficGuard to learn more about:

  • The top three budget-draining threats in the sports betting industry and how to combat them.
  • Benchmark data and insights on invalid traffic in the industry from the US and around the world.
  • Techniques to prevent navigational traffic from draining your budget by understanding user behaviour and consumer journeys. 
  • Best practices for growing your first-time depositor base through digital marketing channels.
  • Strategies to ensure your branded search campaigns are effective and aligned with your overall marketing strategy.