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Data in esports betting – why the grey market is crumbling

November 8th 2023 @ 15:00 - November 8th 2023 @ 16:00

Over the past few years, esports betting has skyrocketed in popularity, with a multitude of sportsbooks eagerly venturing into this exciting domain. However, as the industry matures, a seismic shift is occurring – betting operators are distancing themselves from unreliable, unofficial data and odds sources, and are instead making substantial investments in official data streams.

In our webinar, a distinguished panel of esports and esports betting experts shed light on the evolving industry, exploring the stark contrasts between official and unofficial data sources. Participants discovered the intricacies of data and odds collection within the esports betting sphere, gaining invaluable insights into the legalities and ethical implications of these practices.

Furthermore, our experts tackled the pressing issue of integrity within esports betting. Attendees learned how sportsbooks and tournament organisers grappled with integrity-related challenges in the esports arena and gained a profound understanding of the measures that need to be taken to ensure fair and transparent betting practices.

The webinar provided a focused discussion on the transformation of esports betting, elucidating why the grey market was crumbling as the industry marched towards a more legitimate and secure future.

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